Dealing with Addicted Loved Ones During the Holidays

Do you or someone you love suffer from addiction? If so, this time of year can be quite difficult. The holidays should be fun, exciting and loving. However, for those who suffer from substance abuse it can be a challenging time that causes depression. Why? When you're chemically dependent upon a substance it can be very hard to be cheerful and celebratory. All you can think about is where your next high is coming from.

Even if an addict is wishing desperately not to use again, they physically and mentally cannot keep themselves from doing so. Over the course of the next two blog posts our expert will be sharing tips on how to not only get through the holidays as an addict, but also how to work through them when your loved one is addicted to substances.

Today we will focus on how to deal with a loved one who has a substance abuse problem. It might not be easy but there are a few tips that you can follow to make things better for everyone involved.

The first step to dealing with an addict during the holidays is to know when to stop. Try not to force them into family gatherings or parties they don't feel comfortable attending. This could be one of the hardest things for an addict during the holiday. They want to be around family and friends but the thought of having to act normal can put tons of pressure on them. It can also drive them to want to use drugs more. Instead of requiring them to attend parties and family gatherings, consider letting them off the hook this season. If it makes them more comfortable, have a small gathering with just immediate family. It doesn't have to take the place of your normal traditions, but it can be an addition to your season this year.

Ask them how they feel about the holidays and what they'd like to do. Don't assume that they aren't going to feel comfortable at the family gathering. Ask them their thoughts and give them options that can help them feel better. The last thing you want to do is drive them towards drugs. Again, putting too much pressure on them will do this. So will making decisions for them. Be sure to take their opinion into consideration when planning for the holiday season. They will be grateful and more apt to express their feelings and preferences.

If your family holds a party or gathering with alcohol, remember that the struggling addict might not be able to attend. Even if they're not an alcoholic, sometimes partaking in alcoholic beverages can lead to a craving for drugs. If they do decide to come where alcohol will be served, be sure to have cocktails with no alcohol in them. That way, they will feel like they can refuse the liquor or beer without being exceptionally obvious. Doing small things like this to make them feel more comfortable will be easier on them. Drawing attention to them is not what they want. However, accommodating them in the small ways will help them blend in.

When purchasing gifts for someone chemically dependent on drugs, keep recovery in mind. You might not be able to give them the gift of recovery but you might be able to gift them with drug treatment. You can also consider purchasing a recovery journal to help them document their daily lives. It might be able to help them pinpoint what is causing them to use drugs. The small things will be greatly appreciated and also useful.

We hope these tips help you deal with your loved one this holiday season while they are suffering through an addiction. Be sure to visit back with us next blog post if you are the one suffering from this terrible disease. We have tips to help you through the holidays, as well.

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