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Have you recently undergone drug treatment in a Charlotte drug and alcohol treatment center? If so, you might be concerned about what to expect now that treatment is over. It's normal to feel worried about life after drug and alcohol addiction, but it's important to understand that living life sober is something to be excited about! With the right mindset and support group, your recovery will be something positive!

Recovery is something to commit to and work towards for years to come. It's not something that will happen overnight. It's also not something that will be easy. There are many things that can threaten your recovery efforts. These things are called triggers. Whether the triggers come in the form of a person, group of people, event, hangout spot, or thought, triggers are everywhere. They're one thing that can deter your recovery very quickly.

That's why it's important to avoid triggers as much as possible for the first few months of recovery. Your Charlotte drug and alcohol treatment center probably helped you prepare for triggers, but the preparation inside drug treatment is always easier than facing triggers, head-on.

In our previous post, we went over the first step of dealing with triggers. Identifying them mentally or writing down a list is the best way to start. Take a look back at our last post if you missed it, here.

The next step in dealing with triggers after your time with a Charlotte drug and alcohol treatment center is to realize what you're dealing with. Triggers are a serious problem even for those that are years into recovery. It's an even more serious problem for those that are fresh out of rehab.

The best way to deal with triggers is to remember that they’re real. They’re around every corner and you will be faced with them eventually. That’s why it is important to know what your triggers are and keep an open mind as to what might be a trigger. You could be very surprised by what might trigger a craving.

In order to be fully prepared to deal with triggers – especially when they’re a surprise – it’s important to devise a plan to help you deal with being “triggered”.

In our next post, Legacy Freedom, Charlotte drug and alcohol treatment center will help you make a plan to help when you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel triggered. It's not easy to deal with triggers but there are ways to do so. Visit back with us soon, to learn how to plan for these triggers.

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