Dealing with the Family Addict during the Holidays

drug rehab in wilmingtonFor many, the holiday season means lots of family gatherings. It’s a time to hang out with close family members and catch up with the ones you haven’t seen all year. It can be a time to create happy memories and be thankful to have loved ones around to celebrate the holidays.

But for many families, there is one member who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. That person can make family get-togethers uncomfortable and cause tension among people who would otherwise get along. It can be difficult to deal with him, especially if he attends under the influence. Don’t let that family member ruin your holiday this year. Take these bits of advice into consideration so that you can try to have a joyful and peaceful holiday season with your family.

First up, we’ll look at some things you may be able to do before the holidays to resolve the problem before it starts. For the best alcohol and drug rehab in Wilmington, call Legacy Freedom.

Revise your guest list.
You don’t have to invite Uncle Frank if you know he’s going to get drunk and start throwing insults at everyone. If it’s an event at someone else’s home, tell the hosts that they have the choice, too. Why should he ruin the holiday for everyone every year? Give him a call and tell him that he’s not invited unless he comes sober and stays sober. Make it a point to not serve alcohol if it will help matters. Having a nice holiday together, without fighting and hurt feelings, is more important than a glass of wine with dinner.

Politely decline the invitation.
If there's no way that Uncle Frank is going to skip Thanksgiving, then maybe you should. If you know that you or the people you bring with you are going to be uncomfortable, you can choose to celebrate elsewhere. Have a second gathering at your place with family members that are also tired of dealing with his antics. You can even have it later or earlier in the day so that people can attend both. Who knows? You may start a new tradition.

Have a talk beforehand.
Have you ever asked Uncle Frank why he drinks so heavily? He obviously has an issue that he may need professional help with, but maybe talking to him could help relieve some of the problem. Perhaps he drinks on the holidays because he’s sad that Grandma isn’t around anymore. See if there is a reason behind his drinking and offer to help him work on it this year. It can be a touchy subject to broach, but it might be worth it if he’s willing to try to change his behavior this year.

It’s not impossible to enjoy the holidays, even with the family addict threatening to bring the mood down. In the next part, we’ll look at some ways to handle the situation once you’re there and that family member is up to his old tricks again.

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