Dealing with Emotional Terrorism

drug rehab in AshevilleThough you might not have heard the term, emotional terrorism is a serious issue that many fall victim to. Emotional terrorism happens when an individual continually hurts, demeans, pressures, humiliates or harasses  another. It can also come when someone realizes you're overly emphatic. These emotional terrorists can be a spouse, coworker, friend or family member that needs drug rehab in Asheville.

Dealing with these people can be very draining and exhausting. In addition to being stressful and overwhelming, dealing with this type of relationship can lower your self-esteem and self worth. If your empathy is being taken advantage of or you're in direct connection with someone who constantly terrorizes you emotionally, continue reading. We hope this information helps you cope with the situation instead of turning to drugs or alcohol.

Dealing With Emotional Terrorists

In some cases, dealing with emotional terrorism can actually lead to severe depression and/or anxiety. Other times, the person that was being emotionally abused can lean on substance abuse to help cope with it.

It's important to find a way to steer clear of these types of people, especially if you have a history of substance abuse. However, many people are very good at hiding their emotionally destructive ways. They use manipulation to not only tear you down but also do so in a way that makes you think you deserve it.

No one deserves this kind of treatment. Recognizing a destructive relationship can be difficult, but there are ways to distance yourself from those who you might consider emotionally destructive. For quality drug rehab in Asheville that you can trust, be sure to call Legacy Freedom.

Have you been repeatedly told by someone that you are overly sensitive? If so, consider this a red flag. While some people are easily hurt and overly empathetic, it is not OK for someone to take advantage of that. Below, you'll find ways to determine whether or not you are overly empathetic or being emotionally terrorized by someone.

Are you in immediate danger? If so, get out now. It's important to protect yourself. Find a shelter and ask for help. Emotional terrorists feed off of our energy. They have a severe mental disorder that causes them to have a need to destroy others' self-esteem. It's possible they need to seek help but probably won't. In this case, remove yourself from the situation.

Are your instincts warning you against someone? Sometimes, when we get around certain people we get a bad feeling. Even if we can get along with this person and interact with them socially, something is constantly nagging at us. If this is the case, don't ignore it. We know how hard it is to be worried that a family member is taking advantage of or emotionally abusing us. However, it is important to understand that you are not a victim and should not be abused in this way.

Can you trust others? If you easily trust most people in your lives but have trouble doing so with one or two individuals here and there, it's important to understand there might be a good reason for that. If you find you have trouble trusting, in general, you may need to do a few things to help yourself relax and keep your vulnerable emotions out of the way.

Protecting Yourself From Emotional Terrorists

drug rehab in AshevilleHere you'll find several tips to help you protect yourself from emotional terrorists.

Learn to cope in a healthy way. Never turn to drugs or alcohol to help you overcome emotional abuse. Instead, consider therapy, talking with loved ones who understand your situation or join a support group. There is always a better way other than turning to substance abuse.

Take a timeout. Things can get overwhelming when dealing with certain people. If you find that you need space, take a timeout. Even if it's only five minutes, take yourself to a quiet place and relax.

Lean on those who care about your well-being. As we mentioned above, distancing yourself from someone who is emotionally abusive is difficult when those people are family members. However, there are people who care about you and truly want you to be happy and well. Spend time with those people. Distance yourself from the one who is abusing you, emotionally.

Do something for yourself. If you are constantly trying to cope with an emotional terrorist at work or at home, take time to do something for yourself. Whether it's a spa date, long walk in the forest or a coffee date with a friend, do something that makes you happy and get you away from your situation until you've learned how to deal with it.

Set limits. If you are overly empathetic, there's a good chance people rely on you to listen to their problems. This is very draining and hard to overcome. However, if you set a time limit and let friends or family know that you only have a few minutes to chat you can control how long they take up your time.

Remember, being emotionally terrorized is not OK. Don't let someone take advantage of your empathy. It's draining and overwhelming. Care for yourself and never turn to drugs or alcohol to help you cope with the situation.

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