The Deal on Online Drug Dealers

Drug Rehab AshevilleParents worry about their kids all day, every day. However, in recent times, action issues have caused us to worry even more. School shootings, the opioid crisis in America, and other controversial problems have caused many parents to assume the worst might happen. If you need drug rehab Asheville you can depend on, contact Legacy Freedom.

In some cases, assuming the worst may be the best way to meet these problems head-on. With the topic of substance abuse, you can never be too concerned. Drugs are everywhere. They are on television, social media, in the streets, and at school. Just when you think your child may be safe and in a good environment, they can find drugs in places you would least expect.

In recent years, you may have heard about online drug dealing. Yes, that’s right. Individuals have turned to dealing drugs on the Internet. Places like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are being used by drug dealers who are trying to reach out to individuals who are more sheltered than others. This means at any moment, your teen may be getting used to the idea of using drugs via social media. While it might be unfathomable, it’s happening more than you might realize.

What's scary is that these online drug dealers aren't trying to be coy about their existence on social media. They're open and obvious about what they're doing.

The only way to combat this issue is to learn as much as you can about online drug dealers. Here, we have information that can help with that. We will go over ways that online drug dealers can get to your teens. Then, you should be able to use this knowledge to help make sure that your children are not subjected to online drug dealers.


The social media site is primarily used for sharing photos. Unlike Facebook, Instagram works via hashtags. Drug dealers post images of what types of drugs they have in their possession and what they are selling. They do not hide the fact that they are marketing drugs. They also hashtag keywords that will help people find them even more easily. Once dealers find their customers, they choose a place to meet for their drug transactions. There are even online currency sites that accept payments to drug dealers so that buyers can remain anonymous. When these types of online currency sides are used, drugs are shipped through the post office to the buyer.

It might be difficult to accept that your teen may be subjected to drugs via a seemingly harmless social media account. However, it's out there and being used for drug dealing every day. If you have an addiction problem, let Legacy help you with affordable drug rehab Asheville.

According to, "The biggest burden seems to fall on Instagram itself in policing the activity of its users. Instagram recently blocked several hashtags that were connected to online drug sales, however, new ones immediately popped up. So unless Instagram gets incredibly strict about posts regarding drugs or illegal substances (which is unlikely considering posting about drugs, in general, does not break the terms of service), then this activity will probably continue."


While drug dealing on the social media site is a little less obvious, it’s still a problem. Facebook has an instant messaging application that can be used on tablets and smartphones. Drug dealers can contact  buyers easily, without others knowing. They can also send photos of their drugs as well as links to online currency payment options for easy access. Though Facebook does not use hashtags in the way that Instagram does, they can still be used to tag with certain keywords.


This site is used much like Instagram. However, the user only has 140 characters to get their point across. Twitter also has a private messaging option and uses hashtags in the same way that Instagram does.


Snapchat is dangerous in more ways than one. The most startling fact about this app for smartphones and handheld devices is that the "snaps are deleted from the user's phone soon after the receiver gets them." That means parents are having trouble tracking what their teens do on this social media network. Dealers can send photos of drugs or ask questions and parents have no way to find these messages.

We know how hard it is to accept the fact that there are drugs and alcohol lurking around every corner of your teen's life. However, armed with the right knowledge and realizing help is available to those that need substance abuse treatment, you'll be able to help your teen in many ways.

This is just another form of peer pressure and exposure for teens that should be taken seriously. If you're worried about your teen son or daughter and how they'll be influenced by social media, consider limiting their use for a while and see if you notice a difference in their behavior.

Reliable Outpatient Drug Rehab Asheville

Do you suspect your kid is already using drugs? Regardless of how bad your teen’s drug use has become, help is always available. With combined support from family and Legacy Freedom of Asheville, you are not alone in this, recovery is just around the corner. Help is a phone call or visit away. Contact Legacy Freedom to learn about our outpatient drug rehab Asheville. Our programs are tailored to fit the needs of your teen so that they're able to learn how to rejoin life drug-free.

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