How to Deal with the Family Addict During Thanksgiving

drug and alcohol treatment center in Asheville NCThe holidays are right around the corner. Business and stress are soon to ensue. For those who are dealing with a family addict, this time can be more overwhelming than you could ever imagine. Knowing how to deal with them, what to say, and how to act can be more stressful than cleaning the house for company or preparing the Thanksgiving meal.

There are, however, specific ways to handle this type of situation, so that stress and feelings of being overwhelmed are kept to a minimum. Check them out below. For the best drug and alcohol treatment center in Asheville NC, call Legacy Freedom.

Dealing with an Addict During Thanksgiving

Consider Your Options

Believe it or not, you have a choice in the matter when it comes to spending time with the family addict. Though it might sound shocking, you don’t have to join in on a meal they will be attending. Consider the option of having your own meal at home, with immediate family. Exposing children to addicts can be difficult at times. Everyone will understand if you choose not to join in.

While it might be a little more difficult to endure, you can also disinvite the addict to your home if you’re the one that traditionally prepares the family dinner. This might be more emotional and stressful in the beginning, but having a drama and stress-free meal might be best for the entire family.

Be Realistic

If you choose to attend a meal with an addict, or invite one to your home, be realistic about the situation. Be prepared for what might happen. There could be total chaos, arguments and inappropriate behavior going on. Preparing for anything is the only way to get through this time. Don’t expect the family addict to know that Thanksgiving is a time to forgo the drugs or alcohol. Don’t plan on them showing up on their best behavior. Be realistic and remember that anything could happen. Things are easier to deal with when you know what you’re up against. Addicts can’t behave. They can’t just choose when to use and when not to.

Remember, you have options when it comes to spending time with the family addict during the holidays. You also need to be realistic should you choose to spend time with them. They aren’t in a place that will allow them to forgo using drugs or alcohol in order to act accordingly. They need help. Support them however you can, whether it’s sharing a meal with them no matter how their behavior is or staying away from them because you’d like to keep your children or yourself away from their unpredictability. Whatever the choice, make sure it’s the best one for you.

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