The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks

drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NCIt seems like ever since energy drinks came onto the scene several years ago, mixing them with alcohol has become increasingly popular. However, this combination of alcohol and caffeine can have some pretty damaging effects that could possibly lead to serious long term problems.

You can now even go to most bars and restaurants that serve alcohol and order special cocktails and other beverages made with these energy drinks. Young people, especially, are more predisposed to these because they assume these drinks are just great for giving you energy for staying up all night to party. However, these types of mixed drinks are actually masking the effects of alcohol from the user, which can create a binge drinking situation. These masking effects will trick the user into thinking that they are less buzzed, or drunk, than they actually are. This leads to drinking more alcohol than the user's body can handle. If you or someone you know has a problem with drinking too many energy drinks mixed with alcohol, please call Legacy Freedom today and ask us about our highly rated alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC.

The overall effects of combining these types of energy drinks with alcohol are not positive. Here is a list of some of the effects you can expect from mixing these two:

  • It is easier to consume more alcohol at a quicker pace which can lead to unsafe behavior.
  • This risky behavior can lead to dangerous situations such as driving while impaired which puts other people in danger.
  • Some of the physical side effects include heart palpitations, sleep problems, irritability, anxiety, and even panic attacks.
  • Other long term side effects, because of the high amounts of sugar and calories, can be excessive weight gain and obesity, as well as increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Since these types of drinks are still fairly new to the market, the long term effects are still yet to be fully understood. However, we do know that avoiding these drinks altogether may be the best option for your health, because there have been reports that drinking them in large quantities can lead to people having seizures, strokes, and even unexpected death in some situations.

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