The Dangers of Cooking Meth

Drug Rehab Columbus OHToday's news reports are full of the opioid epidemic in this country. This is a big problem, but methamphetamine is still one of the biggest threats in many areas of this country. In fact in 2016 the National Drug Threat Survey shows that 31.8% of agencies bear out this fact. This survey also showed the American Southwest had the greatest threat. It was also dominate in the Central West, Pacific, and Southeast. If you are searching for the best drug rehab Columbus OH services for addiction problems, call Legacy Freedom. Call us now for more information about our holistic treatment options!

Meth is a drug of choice because it gives a decreased appetite, feelings of euphoria, and increased attention and energy. The effects are stronger than cocaine and last longer as it remains in the body for a longer period of time. The biggest issue with meth is that it is very dangerous. And it's not just the drug itself but also the way it is made.

Cooking meth is a danger to the producer and also to the entire community in which the meth lab or house resides. The fumes created by the cooking are extremely toxic and cause damage to the lungs, brain, and the nasal passages. In addition to the potential for physical damages there is always a chance that the ingredients being used to cook the meth can catch fire, explode, and corrode. The people who are cooking the meth are usually users as well. This means they are impaired while cooking the drug. This makes the danger even greater.

When meth is being produced there can be as much as five to seven pounds of toxic waste for every pound of meth. Often these are dumped on the ground or poured into our streams and lakes. Unfortunately some people simply leave the waste behind. These toxins will contaminate our drinking water. The cleanup is costly and can take lots of time.

Once a building or home has been used as a meth lab it is contaminated. The toxins permeate every surface. Carpets, walls, furniture, and air vents will all absorb the vapors. The harsh chemicals used will also leave residue on sinks, floors, and bathtubs as well. The cleanup of a meth lab is 4,000 dollars or more. In many instances unsuspecting buyers of homes have no idea the home was once a meth lab. Only when they begin to get sick do they find out the truth. Many have to leave the home forever.

As you can see the dangers of cooking meth are real. If you suspect there is a meth lab operating in your neighborhood call law enforcement. Never attempt to approach the lab yourself. They will investigate and hopefully the problem will be resolved before there is a catastrophic result.

Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug. The good news is there are programs that can help you detox and get your life back on track.

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