A Daily Routine Helps Recovery

Starting your journey into recovery is very challenging. Making changes to your lifestyle and behavior can be a difficult process, especially in the beginning. Early on, you will feel overwhelmed and confused. Your old life and bad habits have been replaced with a new life ... a sober one. Creating your daily routines in your new life will help you with your recovery by helping you structure your time. Daily and weekly routines will help you plan your days so you make the right choices to make treatment a little easier. These are positive coping skills that will serve you well in maintaining your sobriety long-term. If you're ready to create a more healthy and balanced life, call Legacy Freedom for your substance abuse issues. We offer holistic alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC and Columbus OH. Call us today to learn more.

This is what a daily routine will do for you - give your life a little positive rhythm all while distracting you from your substance cravings. When you were high, your internal body clock worked in a different way. You knew when it was time to dose up again. Now, you have to reset that internal clock. You have to start new sleeping and eating patterns. You need to incorporate other activities into your daily, or weekly, routine like exercising, and keep this schedule fairly consistent. By sticking to your schedule you're reinforcing body processes that allow our minds to form, want and need positive patterns and habits. Our brains depend on these patterns and habits to help us regulate our daily processes. Once these new patterns become habituated, they replace the old, addiction related behavior with a new, positive default setting.

Positive Daily Routine Tips

Your daily routine might vary day-to-day so try to incorporate these differences into your weekly routine. Your daily activities might include some of the following:

  • Waking up at a regular time
  • Hard AwakeningGet ready for work or school - if you have a day off, exercise or eat breakfast
  • Establish regular meal times
  • Schedule time for your family, pets or hobby
  • Do daily chores
  • Go to sleep each night around the same time
Positive Weekly Routines

Here is an easy way to set up your weekly routines. Your weekly routine might include the following:

  • Exercise schedule if you're not doing this daily
  • Weekly support group meeting/s
  • New skills or activities such as boxing, cooking, photography
  • Have fun with non-using friends and family that supports you
Stay in Balance

Keeping your established routines will help your new life regain its balance and rhythm to stay in harmony. Make sure you are eating healthy foods and getting the right amount of rest and sleep. Try to keep your routines balanced as well to ensure you do not have to deal with large time gaps that might allow cravings to creep back in. Sobriety is a new way of living; it will take a while to change and we want you to know that this is normal and OK.

Holistic Drug Treatment in Raleigh NC

Legacy Freedom offers holistic drug treatment in Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC and Columbus OH. We are staffed with wonderful counselors that understand your recovery needs. We know what it takes to get you back into a sober lifestyle. Our programs are holistic in nature and we do not use certain drugs to treat drug and alcohol abuse. We don't believe in opiate replacement. We want you to manage your life without these crutches. If you have an alcohol addiction, a problem with pain pills or other substances, please give us call. Get the help you and your family deserves. Why not take the first step toward recovery and call us today? You could be saving your own life.

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