Coping with Relocation Depression

depression therapy in Charlotte, NCIf the idea of moving across the country has you reaching for the tissues rather than your car keys, you could be suffering from relocation depression. For many people, the chance to start over in a new place with a new job, or maybe after a divorce, is an exciting proposition. However, after significant life changes, like the end of a marriage or the loss of a job, people often feel the opposite of excited.

Amidst the usual anxieties and stresses of moving, it's okay to feel sad. Leaving behind friendly neighbors, colleagues, and a support network of people who you trust is no easy task. As you begin to unpack in your new location, help keep the sadness away by taking care of yourself and find ways to enjoy your new location.

At Legacy Freedom, we know that admitting you are suffering from depression can be difficult. Whether depression is a new occurrence in your life, or you have struggled with it before, we are here to help. Our mental health program was designed to put the focus exactly where it needs to be - on you. Utilizing a unique holistic approach to mental health care, we treat the whole person, not just their depression or other contributing mental health concerns. Coupled with traditional talk therapy, our holistic approach to depression therapy in Charlotte, NC allows you to heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. Every patient has a dedicated care team who will help them create their customized care plan. We offer life coaching, nutritional support, physical therapy, yoga, acupuncture, adventure therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy and much more. Getting to the root of your depression is key. Regardless of why you are depressed, Legacy Freedom can help.

Starting over in a new place can be tricky, but it also allows you the opportunity to make changes in your life. A new location is a great starting point for creating new routines or redecorating your space. Here are some expert tips for avoiding those moving box blues:

Get Outside - Pet lovers and non-pet owners alike will benefit from a stroll around the neighborhood. Getting out and about while creating a new, healthy routine for yourself is a great way to tap into exercises natural mood-boosting benefits and meet your neighbors. Choose a new destination in your neighborhood once a week to walk to. Use this as an excuse to check out that ice cream shop you've been eyeing or skip the drive to return your movies or drop off a letter. Exercise is nature's best antidepressant.

Reach Out - Find ways to get involved in your new community. If you have skills or talents that your new neighbors could benefit from, let them shine. A quick visit to your local library or chamber of commerce office will provide you with information and ideas about groups in the area who could benefit from an extra set of hands. Don't forget to check the bulletin at church or the local message board at the gym, too.

Refresh Your Space - If the circumstances around your move were less than happy ones, consider changing up your decor. Getting new furniture or new accent pieces, especially after a divorce or bad breakup, can help make your fresh start feel exciting. Choose pops of color that make you feel happy, peaceful or comfortable.

Affordable Depression Therapy in Charlotte, NC

If you find that you are unable to bring yourself to get out and meet new people, you are always reaching out to your old friends on social media, or you are finding yourself staying in bed and ignoring your responsibilities, it may be time to seek help. We can help you with affordable depression therapy in Charlotte, NC.

Call Legacy Freedom of Charlotte and begin your journey towards happiness today!

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