Coping with Back to School Anxiety

holistic anxiety treatment in Columbus OHWhen you think of back to school jitters, your thoughts may automatically go to the kids you know who are headed back to class this fall. However, researchers have discovered that parents are also  anxious about their children going back to school. Making the transition from the free flow days of summer to the structured schedule of the school year can cause unease for everyone in the household. Whether you are stressed out over the financial burdens of back to school or worrying about balancing homework, extracurriculars, and your career, these tips can help your family make the shift. If you're tired of anxiety controlling your life, call Legacy Freedom. Ask about our holistic anxiety treatment in Columbus OH.

Get Into Routine Early
Your kids will need time to adjust to getting up and going to bed earlier. Begin to make these adjustments to their schedule three to four weeks before classes start. Not only will this help eliminate the morning get up and go struggle, but it will also let you see how you need to adjust your routine to fit into the school year schedule. Making these changes ahead of time can reduce the stress and anxiety everyone in the household feels.

Shop as Soon as You Can
If getting out in the crowd and fighting over folders makes you break out into a sweat, do yourself a favor and shop for school supplies early. Contacting the school to get the list before it's published online can help you get ahead of the rush. For items that you need large quantities of like glue sticks, crayons, or markers check online retailers and have the items shipped to your home directly. Consider shopping at off-peak times like early in the morning or later in the evening to take some of the stress out of finding everything on your list.

Be Realistic About Commitments
While it may be exciting to volunteer to be a part of your child's classroom reading program or to make a difference through the PTA, be realistic about what your schedule and career will allow. There are plenty of ways for you to support your child's school and your child without being in the classroom or attending weekly meetings in the evening.

Best Holistic Anxiety Treatment in Columbus OH

If the back to school rush has settled down and you're still struggling with your anxiety, it may be time to call Legacy Freedom Columbus. Our holistic approach to mental health care can help you find a solution to your anxiety through traditional talk therapy and alternative treatment methods. Our team will help you get to the root of your anxiety and learn ways to cope. Thousands of clients have already found ways to overcome their anxious feelings and live their lives in spite of their anxiety.

Getting started with quality, confidential, and compassionate mental health care is easier than you think. Call or click to connect with our care team and begin your healing journey with the best holistic anxiety treatment in Columbus OH today!

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