Ways to Deal with Newlywed Depression

Mental Health Therapist in Columbus, OHIn our previous post, we talked about why some brides feel blah after their wedding day is over. For many new brides, once the hectic schedule of to-do's, brunches, showers, dress fittings and food tastings has stopped, depression sets in. Some brides begin to experience this depression even before they say their vows. Knowing when you are battling serious depression or a case of the post-wedding blues is key. See our previous post on Newlywed Depression to learn when it's not just the blues.

Shaking the newlywed funk can be a challenge for some. Making the transition from busy bride-to-be to a wife can be difficult. Luckily, you have lots of ways to help yourself beat these transitional blues and get on the road to a happier start to your marriage. Our experts have combined their best tips for beating the funk. If you're searching for a mental health therapist in Columbus OH that you can trust, call Legacy.

  • Look Beyond the Honeymoon - Chances are that you were so busy planning your wedding and honeymoon that you forgot that real life happens after baggage claim. Instead of dwelling on the fact it's over, plan ahead. You probably have a kitchen full of gadgets you've never used and plates that have never seen food before - put them to good use! Hosting a weekly or bi-weekly dinner party will help you utilize all those planning skills you learned while you were coordinating your wedding and will keep you from feeling disconnected. Many young couples feel that they are obligated to spend every minute together once they marry; this is simply not true.
  • Get Active or Stay Active - Just because you don't have a wedding dress to fit into or a million pictures you're worried about looking good in doesn't mean you should stop doing those early morning workouts or Saturday boot camps. Staying healthy and active is a great way to stave off the post-wedding blues as well as things like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If the sound of little feet is in your future, maintaining a healthy weight and active lifestyle can decrease your risk for pregnancy complications and increase your likelihood of becoming pregnant when you are ready.
  • Reconnect - During the time leading up to your wedding, you had bride tunnel vision - if it wasn't related to the wedding, it wasn't on the radar. In the months you were planning, friends and other relationships probably fell by the wayside. Now that you have emerged from Weddingland reach out and reconnect. Make a casserole for that friend who had a baby six months ago and see the baby. Mom will be glad to have dinner handled and get a shower while you catch up and entertain the little one. Single girlfriends will be happy to have a chance to dish about the latest dating drama and that will make you extra glad you are married. Don't forget to do a little something extra for your co-workers who covered for you so that you could attend all your pre-wedding festivities and jet off on your amazing honeymoon. Reconnecting with these people will help remind you that your life didn't stop when you got married.

Shifting the focus from the wedding to your new adventure with your spouse is a big transition. If you still feel you are struggling with the blues, reach out to a trusted friend, family member or your spouse. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 10 to 25 percent of all women will experience depression in their lifetimes.

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