Consistent Schedules for Recovering Addicts Are Important

Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NCThe lifestyle of an addict can be chaotic at best. From chasing the next high to losing chunks of time while under the influence, the disorder and lack of routine only add to the frenzy that most addicts feel. Within this disarray, the user experiences extreme stress and anxiety. Their desire to use is fueled by the constant turmoil around them. Drug or alcohol use has created rifts in relationships and aligned most users with other addicts who are embroiled in their own addictions. If you need help with addiction, call Legacy Freedom for quality drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC.

In light of all of the tumult that users feel when they are using, it should come as no surprise that researchers have linked successful recovery with order and routine. Removing the chaos for newly sober people helps them stay focused on their sobriety goals and reduces the stress and anxiety they feel. By eliminating these powerful triggers and instilling a schedule and a routine, recovery efforts quickly take the place of the pandemonium that is the addicted lifestyle.

In order to utilize a routine in a successful way, the routine must be realistic and sustainable. Balance during early recovery is important. Physical, mental, and spiritual pursuits should be equally balanced. Avoiding the temptation to overfill the schedule or routine could lead to frustration and fatigue. Both frustration and fatigue can be triggers for relapse.

The lack of chaos in their lives can be quite overwhelming for a newly sober addict. As a result, providing structure and routine early on is crucial. Here are some of the ways that newly sober people can create a routine for themselves:

  • Wake and go to bed at the same time each day
  • Begin a workout routine
  • Choose time daily to devote to spiritual practice
  • Daily journaling time
  • Routine cleaning and upkeep around the home
  • Eating meals at the same time each day
  • Routine commute times to work
  • Regular therapy appointments
  • Consistent bill paying habits
  • Sober social events

Regardless of what the sober healthy habit is, routine early on in recovery is important. Routine provides comfort and familiarity to newly recovering addicts. One of the most difficult challenges that people face when they are first sober is insomnia. Insomnia can be extremely challenging. One of the best ways to combat this new problem is through routine sleep patterns. Getting up and going to bed at the same time each day helps set the tone for the day and helps begin and end the day with a consistent pattern.

While it is not always possible to stick to an exact routine, having the structure and the outline of what a typical day should be like is helpful. Without a plan, many who are recently sober feel overwhelmed and unsure. These feelings can be triggers for many people. Routines provide a plan or an outline for what needs to happen next or what the expectations of the day are. Avoiding tasks or procrastination can trigger feelings of being overwhelmed which will increase the stress and anxiety that the person may experience.

Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NCWhile routine is a great tool for helping someone who is recovering maintain their sobriety, it can also come with challenges that may negatively impact new sobriety. One of the dangers of routine is becoming bored. Boredom can be dangerous. Many addicts cite boredom as the reason that they relapsed. Settling into a routine can be helpful but adding in new activities or varying the routine occasionally is essential. Sober social events are a great way to add some fun into the same old routine. Finding new friends or interests on your path to recovery can help you break out of a rut and escape boredom while maintaining your sobriety.

Negative habits can develop as they relate to previous addictive behaviors. Continuing relationships with people who used to use or frequenting places where they used to use are unhealthy routines which can lead to relapse. Utilizing escapism behaviors like playing video games, chatting online, or spending time listening to music which glorifies alcohol or drugs can influence the addict to avoid their feelings during the initial recovery period.

Another risk that comes with routine is an unhealthy dependence on that routine. Some users swap an addiction to alcohol or drugs for a dependence on their routine. Identifying this behavior is crucial to a continued positive recovery effort. Signs to look for are:

  • Refusal or avoidance of new situations or opportunities
  • Putting routine ahead of family or friends
  • Obsession or preoccupation with routine or methodical behaviors
  • Failure to progress in recovery as a result of the routine

These behaviors almost always indicate that there is something wrong and that the routine is becoming over utilized in the recovery effort. In order to grow and change, the addict must be willing to change their routine as new goals are reached or milestones are met. Whether this includes getting a new job, relocating to be closer to family, treatment, or pursuing a new hobby, those who are locked into a rigid routine will be unable to make those positive changes.

Quality Outpatient Drug And Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NC

Having a positive and encouraging support system can help the recovering addict avoid falling into a negative routine. At Legacy Freedom of Wilmington, we understand the need to involve your support system in your recovery process. Our holistic approach to Wilmington alcohol rehab encourages your friends, family and loved ones to participate in your journey towards sobriety. Through group therapy, you will connect with peers who can help provide support in your new sober habits while you are away from our outpatient facility.

Through one-on-one therapy, your therapist will help you uncover the root of your addiction. Whether childhood trauma, poor self-esteem, or untreated mental illness are the reason you choose to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, your therapist will help you learn to confront and cope with these underlying issues. Our holistic approach focuses on treating your addiction mind, body and spirit. Together with your Life-Purpose coach, you will create a care plan that revolves around you, not your addiction.

Utilizing alternative therapies like acupuncture, inner child work, and EMDR, our practitioners will work with you to help you overcome the co-occurring issues and disorders that you will encounter as you begin your sober journey. With more than ten alternative treatments to choose from, your care team will help you choose the right therapies to meet your goals and pique your interests.

Drug and alcohol addiction doesn't have to control your life. Legacy Freedom can help you overcome your addiction. Call or click today to connect with our holistic center for drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC and regain control of your life!

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