The Cons Of Drinking In Recovery

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In part of one of this series we spoke to you about drinking during a recovery situation. We answered the questions about how there are no pros to drinking while seeking help at a center for drug treatment in Columbus OH, or your hometown. We discussed the cons of drinking during treatment and how this bad practice can negatively affect your life. From losing friendships, to legal trouble, to physically getting addicted to another substance, and potentially injuring yourself or others, these can all be consequences of drinking in recovery. October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month and we want to help addicts, and non-addicts alike, to understand what the experts have to say about the perils of drinking while seeking help from substance abuse.

Here Is What The Recovery Experts Have To Say

Across the board, you will find that almost all of the experts will have the very same advice to help their patients. Do not drink while in a recovery situation. Stay away from any form of substance abuse. It can have detrimental effects on your sobriety, and the sobriety of others.

Alcohol abusers Anonymous - We hope our readers are not surprised to learn that Alcohol abusers Anonymous does not think that drinking in recovery is a smart idea. According to Alcohol abusers Anonymous' Big Book, you are not truly in recovery if you are still drinking. Alcohol abusers Anonymous state that alcoholics cannot control drinking. It is not possible in any situation. Lots of addicts think that these meetings are boring, but they are not. On page 132 of The Big Book, it says, “…we aren't a glum lot. If newcomers could see no joy or fun in our existence, they wouldn't want it. We absolutely insist on enjoying life".

Narcotics Anonymous - Narcotics Anonymous also agrees with Alcohol abusers Anonymous. No drinking in recovery. The Basic Text is a manuscript that members of Narcotics Anonymous follow. On page 18, it reads "abstain from all drugs in order to recover” and “Before we came to NA many of us viewed alcohol separately, but we cannot afford to be confused about this. Alcohol is a drug".

SMART Recovery - SMART Recovery is a self help organization. They help recovering addicts train themselves in self-management and abstinence practices. Although this group does allow it - it does not encourage it. This group encourages patients to find motivation through logic. Instead of a 12 step program, they offer a 7 step model. After graduation from their recovery program, patients are allowed to drink as much as they want, but in a responsible manner. This method is controversial and most centers for drug treatment in Columbus OH will tell you otherwise.

Rational Recovery - In a 4 for 4 win, Rational Recovery discourages drinking in recovery as well. Here is a quote from their website, "Rational Recovery is the exclusive, worldwide source of counseling, guidance, and direct instruction for self-recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs through planned, permanent abstinence."

The choice is yours to make, and yours to make alone. You have to figure out for yourself if you are going to drink during and after getting help. From our research, it appears that the reasons to abstain are clear. There are not any pros and lots of cons. Even the professionals think so.

Do You Need Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Columbus OH?

If you, or someone that you love and care about is suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, please get the help you deserve. At Legacy Freedom, our center for alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH is staffed with loving and caring professionals that only want the best for you and your family. We are pulling for you! We want you to succeed in life. We take a holistic approach to your recovery. We do not believe in using drugs, to treat a drug problem. We heal your addiction without leaving you with a crutch. Call us today and let us help you start a new life!

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