The Most Common Drugs to Overdose On

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Today we're going to talk some about the most common drugs that people overdose on. Some of these cause death so we feel it's very important to get our readers familiar with these substances that pose a high risk factor for hospitalization. Legacy Freedom is the number one alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH, Raleigh NC and Charlotte NC for holistic outpatient services. Please call us today and get the help you need, or the help your loved one needs, to regain sobriety. Today, choose life - choose treatment from Legacy Freedom.

Over the Counter Pain Relievers - When you say overdose to someone, people typically think of shooting up hard drugs, but thousands of people try to end it all by swallowing a ton of over the counter pain medicines. This can definitely kill you, but before it does you'll become really irritable, break out in bad sweats, and experience excruciating nausea and terrible diarrhea. Then your brain starts to swell and your liver becomes badly damaged and your other vital organs start to shut down. O.T.Cs are one of the most common overdose drugs so be aware and warn your children.

Prescription Painkillers - A large number of people die each year from overdosing on prescription painkillers, like oxycodone, and oxycontin. For instance, in 2007 twenty states had death rates from narcotic overdoses that were higher than automobile crashes. Many patients get prescriptions for legitimate pain needs, but there is a select group that uses these pills just to get high. These are the ones that typically overdose. Overdosing on painkillers can put a person into respiratory distress and death occurs because the body just stops breathing.

Heroin - Heroin is one of the most addictive of all illegal substances out there. It's made from morphine and has similar effects to opiate based painkillers. Most heroin users either snort it, smoke it, or shoot it with syringes. Shooting the drug into the veins creates an almost instant, and intense high. Most overdoses happen to experienced heroin users and not new users because of drug tolerance. Heroin deaths usually come from respiratory distress because the body just stops breathing, or some choke to death on their own vomit.

Meth - When someone overdoses on meth, they typically don't realize it until they're knocking on death's door. Meth overdoses can result in a heart attack, stroke, convulsions or cardiovascular collapse. There are no pre-warning signs as overdose symptoms are the same as regular side effects of using the drug.

Cocaine - Cocaine, like heroin can be snorted, injected or smoked, but it is a very potent stimulant and not a depressant. Cocaine is also highly addictive and users have to take more and more as their tolerance increases. Users that inject run the highest risk of overdose and death. Overdoses simulate symptoms of a heart attack. The heart is not getting enough blood to compensate for the stimulation from the cocaine. Overdoses can result in heart attacks, strokes, seizures and organ failure.

Sedatives - This class of drugs is widely available in different forms. From antidepressants, to sleep aids, overdosing on these drugs can cause nausea and vomiting, headaches, urinary retention, hallucinations, high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. In some situations an overdose can cause a person to lose consciousness, slip into a coma and ultimately die.

Drug Combinations - A large number of drug overdoses involve combining two or more drugs. This can also make medical treatment very difficult. Some users like to mix painkillers with alcohol, or mix heroin and cocaine. In most drug overdose situations that involve more than one drug, the end results are fatal.

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