Common Household Items That Get You High, Part 3

substance abuse treatment centersIn part three of this series, we’re talking about some of the most unusual ways people have tried to get high. People attempt to get high using more than just illegal drugs; they turn to household products to get their fix.

We discussed inhalants in part one, which included huffing aerosol, sniffing glue and doing “whip its” using canned whipped cream.  Part two covered things people eat, drink or snort in order to get high. It included a more recent trend of drinking hand sanitizer in order to get drunk.

There are many other odd ways people have tried to get high. In this third part of the series, we’ll take a look a sniffing Freon, using music to hallucinate and the alarming trend of choking. Are you searching for substance abuse treatment centers that can help teens? Call Legacy of Raleigh today to learn more.

1. Freon
Sniffing Freon, the coolant found in HVAC systems, might be the most dangerous activity in the inhalant category. It’s listed in this part of the series because a person would have to go to extremes in order to get access to it. A person would have to open up the air conditioning unit to inhale the gas. In addition to the other dangers of huffing, it can cause frostbite because of the chemicals in it.

2. Vodka tampons or eyeballing
There has been a surge in this unusual way of consuming alcohol. Teenagers soak tampons in liquor and then insert them so the alcohol will be absorbed into the bloodstream faster. It causes a higher concentration when processed because it bypasses the liver. There is also concern that people have put alcohol directly into their eyes in order to absorb alcohol faster. Both can result in alcohol poisoning as well as damage to the tissues.

3. Choking
Some people, mostly younger teenagers, have been known to engage in choking. One person will choke the other until they cut off oxygen to the brain. There is a major risk of brain damage or death if they take it too far. Some people participate in this as a sexual fetish either with a partner or alone. It’s known as auto-erotic asphyxia.

4. Jenkem
By far the most unusual and unsanitary trend in getting high by unusual methods is something called Jenkem, which is fermented human waste. Some thought it was an urban legend in the 1990s, but a google search will find recipes for how to make it. The theory is that methane, which is naturally produced, can cause a high in the same way inhalants deplete oxygen in the system.

5. Burt’s Bees
A less controversial item that young adults have used is Burt’s Bees lip balm. Apparently, if you rub it on your eyelids, you get a tingling feeling. If you are already drunk or high, it increases your buzz. It’s also known as “beezin.” The feeling is likely caused by the peppermint oil found in the all-natural product.

6. I-Dosing
This doesn’t involve a product, but rather music. If a series of sounds are put together in the right sequence, the listener can have an experience similar to a high from marijuana or acid. It’s considered a “digital high.” There are videos online showing people listening to the music and the effect it has on them. While there is a possibility it could cause a drug-like high, it could also be a placebo effect for a more susceptible person.

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