Common Facts About Heroin

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention month and we, at Legacy Freedom wanted to take some time to introduce our readers to the common facts about a terrible drug - heroin. Since we offer drug treatment in Columbus OH, we figured it would be a great practice to inform our readers about some of the common drugs we deal with. We know lots of you have heard of heroin and know a little about the drug. Today, we are going to discuss, in detail, the ins and outs of this family-destroying nightmare drug.

Heroin falls into the group of drugs known as opiates, or narcotic analgesics. Heroin is an illegal drug that is made from the resin that is secreted by the opium poppy plant. As of 2011, an estimated 4.2 million Americans, ages twelve and up, had used heroin at least once in their lifetime. Research has shown that about 23% of the people who try heroin will become dependent on it. Most addicts that use heroin either inject it, smoke it, or snort it. The types of heroin that are often purchased in the back alleys, and on the streets, are typically cut with other various additives to reduce the purity of the product. This makes it very dangerous since it is difficult to know the actual contents of the drug before injecting or ingesting.

How Does Heroin Effect The Userdrug treatment in Columbus OH

Heroin mainly effects the body by acting as a depressant on the nervous system while causing a feeling of euphoria. After a user initially injects, or ingests, the drug a feeling of pleasure and well-beings flows over them. This euphoric state can last for about 30 minutes and then be followed by three to four hours of lethargy.

Heroin can reduce a user's pain, hunger, libido, blood pressure, and it slows breathing and the pulse rate. Users build up tolerance quickly to this drug so they have to take heavier doses. These heavy doses can cause feelings of warmth and sleepiness, but can also lead to feeling nauseous and even vomiting. As a user builds up a tolerance to heroin, the heavier doses can lead to an overdose. These overdoses can cause death by respiratory failure and some users even choke on their own vomit in their sleep. If you, or someone you love is addicted, please call our center for drug treatment in Columbus OH.

If heroin is consumed with other depressants, like alcohol or benzos, the effects are magnified. This increases the risk of overdose. Long term abuse of heroin can cause sexual dysfunction, pneumonia and severe constipation. Also with long term heavy use comes severe psychological and physical dependence. Studies have shown that pure heroin is relatively nontoxic, yet highly addictive, whereas street heroin is not. Street heroin is cut with different additives to reduce the drug's purity so the dealers can sell more of it. These additives in street heroin can be toxic to the body and cause several different types of health problems. These include collapsed veins, abscesses and can even lead to brain and internal organ damage. When a heroin user decides it is time for drug treatment in Columbus OH, they can expect nasty withdrawal symptoms. They can be compared to the worst flu you've ever had, magnified. Pregnant mothers should know that if they use heroin, their babies run a very high risk of being born dependent on the drug.

Drug Treatment in Columbus OH Can Help The Side-Effects

The side-effects of heroin include constipation, bad teeth with inflamed gums, cold sweats, weaker breathing, itching, depression, insomnia, sexual dysfunction in men and women, weakened immune system, and even coma. The biggest side effect from heroin though is the risk of overdose from injecting.

Big Risks | No Rewards

Street heroin is a roll of the dice. You do not know what you are really getting. These additives can be very harmful to your body. They can cause blood clots, gangrene, and even brain and organ damage. Sharing needles for injecting can expose you to several viruses. These include HIV and hepatitis B and C. Another huge risk is just becoming an addict. It is estimated that 23% of people that use the drug become addicted. Again, the biggest risk is death due to overdose, which we have already discussed, but would like to reinforce.

Heroin is also illegal throughout the United States. There are severe penalties for acquiring, possessing and selling heroin. If you are addicted to heroin, please call our center for drug treatment in Columbus OH.

Street Names

Smack, girl, boy, white girl, white boy, H, horse, white, slow, dope, China white, dragon, junk, brown sugar, and many more.

If you are ready to kick your heroin abuse, or any other substances, please call Legacy Freedom. We offer alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH, and the surrounding areas. Our team takes a holistic approach to your health allowing you to heal at your own pace. October is National Substance Abuse Prevention month so why not get the help you and your family deserves? Call Legacy Freedom of Columbus OH today.

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