Columbus OH Drug News For April 2017

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Today's post is going to focus on what's happening in and around Columbus OH regarding drug and alcohol news. Ohio is in the middle of a drug epidemic, so it's good for our local residents and citizens be aware of what's actually happening in our state. Keep reading to learn more!

April Drug News For Columbus OH

Columbus OH is still in the middle of a huge battle against opiates. Just this past weekend, there were several people who were taken to the hospital after suffering from overdose symptoms. Here's the kicker, all of the patients were residents of a halfway house that is located in the southern part of Columbus. That's right, all of the overdosed patients lived at the Alvis Halfway House.

On Sunday, the Columbus police department responded to reports of several people overdosing at the Alvis facility around 5 PM that afternoon. Alvis Halfway House officials say that they're investigating how one of their clients smuggled the drugs into the facility's campus. Alvis officials also stated they're conducting a search of the property for more drugs that could have made their way in.

According to Chief Operating Officer Phil Nunes, a total of five residents were suffering from overdose symptoms. EMS transported 3 victims, while 2 refused hospital treatment. Luckily, all of the overdose victims are expected to survive. Reports from the scene say that Narcan was not used and medics did not have to perform CPR either. The victims were very lucky.

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Alternative and Holistic Columbus OH Alcohol Rehab Center for 2017

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