What Is Color Therapy?

Therapy in Charlotte, NCDo you have a favorite t-shirt that you often reach for on days when you're feeling down? Is there a color that is present throughout your home or that you naturally gravitate to? For thousands of years, people have been experimenting with color and its healing abilities. The Chinese, Greeks, and Egyptians have all explored color therapy. There has been evidence of people using color therapy for around 2000 years. Whether it was healing rooms with colored crystals placed in the windows or painting rooms particular colors in order to treat certain conditions, the idea of color therapy is not new. Color therapy in Charlotte, NC has gained popularity in recent years and while many remain skeptical of the idea of using light and color as a mechanism for healing, researchers have found that specific colors evoke changes in mood.

If you're looking to brighten your mood or increase your sense of calm, check out the list of colors and their properties below:

Magenta - With properties that benefit the physical well-being as well as the emotional well-being, magenta has been shown to promote relaxation and give those who are surrounded by it a natural feeling of euphoria. Magenta has also been shown to ease nausea and reduce the intensity of headaches.

Red - Battling a cold? The color red can help. Red is also a way to boost feelings of passion or sensuality. A pop of red in your bedroom or your outfit for date night could rev things up.

Green - The color green is associated with nature. It has been shown to lower anxiety levels and promote a sense of harmony, safety, security, and balance. Getting outside and spending time in nature has been shown to improve heart health.

Orange - Want to boost your energy level and increase your confidence? Surround yourself with the color orange. Tangerine, mango, pumpkin, or apricot; no matter what shade you choose, orange makes you feel encouraged and has been shown to create an antidepressant effect in study participants.

Yellow - Feeling down? Need a boost? Pick yellow! Known for its ability to boost happiness, increasing a sense of inner power, and amping up your happiness levels, yellow is often used as a wall color or can be added to a room with a simple bouquet of flowers. Yellow can also help your body's ability to digest as well as calm your nerves.

Blue - Most often listed as people's favorite color, blue elevates your intelligence, feelings of tranquility, and improves your sense of trust. Blue has also been used in hospitals for its calming effects on patients and their families.

Turquoise - Tension or fatigue got you down? Turquoise may be the answer. Promoting truth, healing, calm, and communication, this watery blue color is easily worn in jewelry to keep the feeling of calm nearby.

Purple - Often regarded as the color of royalty, purple promotes a feeling of power, heightened spirituality, and peace of mind. Whether you choose lavender or grape, purple can help you relax and open your mind to creative pursuits and solutions.

White - Innocence, perfection, and purity. The color white promotes a feeling of clarity and calm. Using white throughout your home helps restore the focus and purity of your mind and body.

Alternative Color therapy in Charlotte, NC

Using color therapy in Charlotte, NC to boost your mood, or increase your creativity can be fulfilling. However, if you feel that your mood isn't improving or you are struggling with anxiety, it may be time to call Legacy Freedom of Charlotte. Our holistic approach to your mental health care puts the focus on you, not your mental illness. For more information on our use of alternative therapies to treat mental health issues, see our previous blog posts.

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