College Athlete Substance Abuse Linked to Sleepless Nights

Drug Treatment in Greensboro NCFailing to get enough sleep can be detrimental to productivity, health and more. It's essential to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. However, there are many people who have trouble getting that much. Unfortunately, a new study shows that college athletes who have disturbances in their sleep are more likely to have substance abuse issues. Does your teen need the best drug treatment in Greensboro NC? Call Legacy Freedom today for help.

The University of Arizona did a study that linked tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug use with sleep disturbance. The survey studied more than 2,500 students that were athletes in colleges all over the United States. The data was collected from 2011 to 2014.

Believe it or not, the study showed that those who have difficulty sleeping were 151 percent more likely to use tobacco. They were 36 percent more likely to drink alcohol and 66 percent more likely to smoke marijuana. Student athletes also had an issue with using controlled illegal and banned substances. Alarmingly, 317 percent were more likely to use methamphetamine. 349 percent more were likely to use cocaine and 175 percent more likely to use steroids.

Senior author Michael A. Grandner, PhD, director of the Sleep and Health Research Program and assistant professor of psychiatry, psychology and medicine at the University of Arizona said “The most surprising thing was the consistency with which sleep difficulties among student-athletes predict increased use of many substances, including illegal and banned substances. Across the board, students with sleep difficulties were more likely to smoke, drink and use illegal substances.”

“These results not only underscore the important link between sleep difficulties and substance use, but they show that this relationship is quite strong, even among student-athletes,” said lead author Chloe Warlick, research assistant in the Sleep and Health Research Program and an undergraduate student at the UA.

“Knowing this association between sleeping difficulty and substance abuse could be beneficial for coaches, physical therapists and physicians,” said Dr. Grandner. “These findings could provide important insight when treating sleep disturbances or attempting to improve athletic performance.”

Adequate sleep is essential for everyone, especially those that are active the way athletes are. For those struggling with insomnia, considering alternative, holistic methods to regain sleep might be a great option. Meditation, aromatherapy and other options are available.

Affordable Drug Treatment in Greensboro NC For Teens

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