How Cocaine Ages the Brain Prematurely

Drug Treatment in Greensboro NCWe all know that using drugs is harmful to our health. However, that does not keep people from using or becoming addicted. New studies show that some drugs are more harmful than others. Cocaine, for example can actually cause our brains to age quicker than those who do not use it.

In fact, the study actually states that cocaine addicts lose up to two times as much brain volume each year. If you need drug treatment in Greensboro NC for a cocaine addiction, please get help by calling Legacy Freedom.

As we get older, it's normal for our brain to lose cells. This is just a normal part of life. The part of the brain that loses the cells is called brain tissue. It's also referred to as gray matter.

Memory problems, cognitive issues and other focusing declines are all part of losing gray matter as we age. It's inevitable, and will happen to everyone as long as they continue to age.

Unfortunately, the new study done by University of Cambridge shows that those who are cocaine addicts measure much lower gray matter volume than those who do not have a dependency. The research subjects were similar in age, gender, and IQ.

According to, "They found that cocaine-dependent adults showed twice the gray matter loss as their healthy counterparts: 3.08 milliliters per year in cocaine users versus 1.69 milliliters per year in people without substance abuse. The results held true even after those cocaine users who were also alcohol-addicted (16 individuals) were removed from the analysis, pointing to the drug as a cause. Although it's not possible to experiment on the human brain, animal studies suggest that cocaine-related brain atrophy may be related to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is caused by the production of unstable molecules called reactive oxygen species; when the body can't remove these molecules or repair the damage they cause, disease can result."

Knowing that cocaine ages the brain should be enough information to keep individuals from using. However, addiction isn't that easy. Using drugs is more than a physical dependency. It can cause our brains to believe the drugs are needed in order to survive.

Sometimes, knowledge is not enough to understand addiction. Whether you are dealing with it yourself, or have a loved one who is battling addiction, it can be hard to understand why this is happening. That's why our facility is here to help. We offer holistic, alternative therapies that get to the core root of addiction and how to cope with it. If you're interested in learning more, be sure to contact us.

The Best Drug Treatment in Greensboro NC for Cocaine Addicts

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