Choosing a Therapist: Questions to Ask Yourself

therapist in Raleigh, NCDeciding to go to therapy is a big decision for most patients. When it comes to selecting a therapist just looking at their credentials might not be the only thing you need to consider. The therapist that does wonders for your friend might not be suitable for your needs at all.

The staff at Legacy Freedom Raleigh knows how important it is for you to find the right care team. We work with you to not only assess your mental health needs, but your personality needs as well. We offer a wide range of holistic therapy options and have something that will appeal to just about everyone. From nutrition to equine therapy, Legacy Freedom has the tools you need to begin your healing journey.

Many people suggest going to at least one session with a potential therapist. Deciding if the therapist makes you feel comfortable and whether you feel like you can form a connection with them are decisions no one else can make for you.

After your session, sit down and ask yourself these questions to see if another session with this therapist would be beneficial to your recovery.

  1. Did you feel like the person was truly listening to you? Like you could talk and they understood what you said. It’s imperative that you feel heard by your therapist.
  2. Did you feel like the person respected you and treated you like a person? You don’t want to feel like just another client with a mental illness.
  3. Did the therapist seem like they were being genuine? Building trust with a therapist is very important. You need to feel a true sense of trust and honesty with this person. As much as you rely on them to help you, you need to feel comfortable opening up to this person.
  4. Was the therapist passive? Did he or she just listen and ask minimal questions giving you time to talk? Or was he or she more active asking lots of questions and forcing you to dig deeper? What style do you like better? Which makes it easier for you to open up?
  5. Does it seem like the therapist will be open to hearing about your feelings and be sensitive to how you feel?
  6. Does the therapist have a positive outlook on life?
  7. How comfortable are you with this person? Do they give you anxiety or do they make you feel at home in their office? Are you relaxed when you talk to them? Make sure you feel comfortable in the office and you feel like it is a safe space for you to share your feelings and concerns.

If you decide that this therapist is the one for you, there are a few additional questions you will need to ask them. Ironing out details like how often they think you need to be seen, what your treatment goals are, and how long you can expect to be in treatment are important. Part of trusting your therapist in Raleigh, NC is setting realistic and measurable goals that the two of you can work towards together.

Quality Mental Health Therapist in Raleigh, NC!

When it comes to your mental health needs we realize you have many options. At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh NC we want to be your first choice for mental health care. Our holistic approach to mental health care in Raleigh is what sets us apart. Here you are more than just another patient. Our team of therapists and clinicians are involved in your care from day one. We work with you every step of the way to help you on your journey towards living your best life. Call today to speak with a top therapist in Raleigh, NC!

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