Choosing a Therapist or Counselor in Charlotte, NC

Choosing a Therapist or Counselor in Charlotte, NCGoing to therapy for many people is a big step. Choosing the right therapist or counselor in Charlotte, NC, for your specific needs, is critical to your own personal success. Legacy Freedom of Charlotte, NC, realizes that one size does not fit all when it comes to choosing a therapist and a holistic treatment plan to help you combat your mental illness. Our dedicated staff works with you to help you identify the types of therapies you're interested in. We also work with you to find a therapist that you can trust. One that not only matches your needs, but your personality as well. Finding someone you trust is the first step on your journey.

Here are a few ways to find the right therapist and mental health care center for you!

How To Choose a Therapist or Counselor in Charlotte, NC

Ask Around - friends or family in the area could be your first step to finding the right therapist. These personal recommendations are a great starting point. At Legacy Freedom, we appreciate the referrals of our current and former patients, and are honored when they choose to recommend us to their loved ones and friends.

Make an Appointment – Ask if the therapist is willing to offer a free consultation.  Spending an hour with someone will usually give you a good idea if you will be comfortable and compatible with them. If you are unsure, ask plenty of questions about the issues that are the most important to you during this initial meeting. If you are looking for someone who utilizes acupuncture, or other holistic therapies as part of their practice, make sure that the provider you select does. Communicate your needs and expectations clearly. You want the therapist to be honest with you about whether they feel their practice is a good fit with your needs.

Search the Web -  See who your insurance carrier recommends, and you can even try sites like You will be able to view credentials and read reviews on each therapist.  You might be more comfortable with a male therapist than a female, or might prefer to use western medicine along with alternative therapies to achieve your therapy goals.

Researching providers is a great way to get to know about what approaches speak to you. At Legacy Freedom, we use a combination of therapies to help our clients make a successful transition to a healthier lifestyle and mental outlook.

You're Not Trapped - Don’t feel stuck with the therapist you choose. If you begin your treatment and feel like something is not working for you in the relationship you are having with your therapist, communicate your needs. A good therapist will help you work through these challenges or help you choose a provider that is better suited for you. Not choosing the right mental health therapist the first time, especially if therapy is new for you, is not a reason to stop going. Instead, use this as a time to re-evaluate what traits and therapies are important to you, and then make a better move.

The Best Mental Health Counselor in Charlotte, NC

Legacy Freedom believes that combining holistic therapy approaches with mental health counseling increases your chances for lifelong success. Whether you are struggling with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or other mental illnesses, our staff is here to help you find the right therapeutic path. We understand the importance of treating the whole person, not just their mental illness. From nutrition counseling, to medication management, to alternative therapies, Legacy Freedom offers more options under one roof than other traditional providers.

When you're ready to begin your journey to healing, we are ready to help. Our dedicated team of intake professionals are ready to assist you as you transition from crisis to totally in control of your mental health and physical well-being. We look forward to working with you. What are you waiting for? Call our center in Charlotte, NC today.

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