Child Neglect Due to Substance Abuse is on the Rise

drug rehab in raleighChild protective services receives more than three million referrals for child abuse and neglect each year involving six million children, according to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System. Children of people with drug or alcohol addiction problems are nearly four times likelier to be neglected by their parents.

Neglect is when a parent has not met their child’s basic needs of care and love through providing safe housing and nutritious food, making sure the child attends school, and seeing that the child gets regular medical care. It also includes providing emotional security through positive interaction and support through reinforcement of love.

A parent who struggles with drug or alcohol addiction is usually preoccupied with his or her habit and does not pay attention to the child. The parent may provide some basic needs such as a home, and may send the child to school, but other needs are overlooked.

When children are neglected by their parents, they suffer from physical, emotional, and mental damage. If a child is not fed properly, he or she can become malnourished. The physical effects of neglect are rarely taken care of because the parent also doesn’t take the child to the doctor regularly.

Parents who neglect their kids may also keep them out of school, which keeps the kids from getting an education or seeing a more positive side of life though interaction with teachers and other kids their age. It can also hinder any chance of someone finding out that they are being neglected, so they aren’t able to get help.

Neglected children are more likely to develop emotional problems and may eventually turn to drugs or alcohol in order to cope. This creates a devastating cycle of abuse.

One of the basic needs of a child is protection from harm, including harm done by others. Children of drug abusers and alcoholics are often physically or sexually abused. The abuse doesn’t always occur at the hands of the parent. Sometimes it’s another family member, a neighbor, or a friend of the parent. A parent who is involved in drugs or drinks too much is usually too intoxicated to properly watch their children, so predators take advantage.

In 2011, child protective agencies dealt with over 675,000 children who had been victims of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. That’s about nine out of every 1000 children in the United States. A quarter of them had been abused previously. Over 1500 died because of the abuse, and most were under 4 years old.

In 80% of the cases, the parent was the one to blame for the abuse or neglect, and more than half were the mothers. Only 20% of the child neglect and abuse cases that were reported and investigated resulted in having the child removed from the home.

These alarming statistics reinforce the idea that more addiction education is needed in schools and communities so that we can treat people with substance abuse problems before their actions have an effect on their families. Preventive measures through public health policy can be taken to protect our children from neglect and abuse as a result of addiction. If you need help, call our center for alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC today!

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