Is Cheese As Addictive As Crack Cocaine

 Drug Treatment in Columbus OHCheese please! Is this delicious dairy product like a drug to you? If you're feeling like you can't cut cheese out of your life, then you'll be interested in today's post.

There's a new study that says that cheese could be just as addictive as hard drugs! That's right cheese heads, you might have a problem and not even realize it. Read more about it below. If you need affordable drug treatment in Columbus OH in 2017, please contact Legacy Freedom. Call our Columbus facility today to learn more about our outpatient recovery programs.

Could Cheese Really Be Addictive?

Thanks to some recent research from the University of Michigan, data shows that cheese can be as addictive as drugs. In fact, the more processed and fatty the food substance is, the stronger the addiction tendencies. This is especially true with dairy products, specifically cheese.

Cheese is not only delicious, it's also high in calories and saturated fat. Cheese also contains higher levels of a protein called casein. Casein is a chemical that's found in all dairy products, especially milk. It's also the main reason why cheese is so addictive. Cheese processing requires at least 10 pounds of milk. As the cheese is being made, the majority of the water is removed. This leaves behind the fats, along with highly concentrated levels of casein.

Here's the fun part. When our body's digest cheese, casein breaks down to form casomorphins. Casomorphins are also opiods. That's right, eating lots of cheese can set off the same brain receptors as opiods. Dopamine receptors get triggered, this activates the reward zone in the brain, and addictions are formed.

Here's another fun fact, casomorphins are also what makes you constipated. That's why we were always told not to eat too much cheese, in fear we'd get stopped up. Now it all makes sense.

However, today we have dairy alternatives at most grocery stores. Check out the vegan sections at your local market to get a better idea of what's offered in your area. If you need professional treatment and help with opiate addiction issues, keep reading to see why you should make Legacy Freedom your top choice for drug rehab in Ohio!

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