Ways to Help With Avoiding Shame

Our Charlotte Rehab Center Can Help You Deal with Guilt and Shame During Drug Recovery.

In our last two posts, our Charlotte rehab facility has offered tips that can help you cope with guilt while dealing with drug recovery. As most former addicts know, guilt can be one thing that consumes you after you become drug free. You think about all the hurtful, disrespectful things you did to loved ones, you worry about why you turned to drugs in the first place, and more. The reasons for guilt due to drug addiction are endless. The tip below is our final tip for coping.

Avoid shame. Shame is a simple feeling of dependency. Shame includes the awareness of oneself as a disappointment or feeling unacceptable to others. Shame can encompass feeling flawed, undeserving or contemptible. Shame often involves overlooking or ignoring the fact that we are human and that we make mistakes. Thankfully, mistakes alone do not make us less of a person. Shame is about self- blame and is directly linked to low self-esteem. Shame can come from many places.

Getting past guilt

Unreasonable thoughts and beliefs can fuel shame and unfortunate guilt. These fabrications can disseminate destructive feelings we have about ourselves. Take a look at these statements, according to addictionblog.com, to help understand why we may have guilt. Believing the statements below are unhealthy. Try to consider pushing these thoughts to the side, each time you think about them.

  • I must get everyone’s approval.
  • I must be perfect.
  • Mistakes are bad.
  • If I am not like ________ then I am not a valuable person.
  • Everyone can see my faults.
  • I am not worthy of forgiveness.

Also according to addictionblog.com, “Think of the rational and reasonable alternative for each of the above shame-based thoughts. For example, for the first one, 'I must get everyone’s approval' the more rational alternative might be something like, 'I can still feel good about myself even if some people do not approve of me.' Try this for the rest of the statements above. It is worth it not to give up on working through your guilt and shame issues.”

Legacy Freedom, is a Charlotte rehab that wants to help people change addictive behaviors. We want to get you back on track and sticking with healthy habits. If you are interested in talking with our counselors about our drug rehab programs, feel free to contact us.

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