Avoiding High-Risk Situations

Charlotte Rehab: High-Risk Situations

Welcome back! In previous posts, our Charlotte Rehab has discussed the different stages of relapse and how to avoid sinking to the next level. Today, we are going to offer a few high-risk situations and how you can deal with them without progressing further into the stages of relapse.

  • People. (People who you use with or who are related to your use. People who you have conflicts with, and who make you want to use. People who you celebrate with by using. People who encourage you to use either directly or indirectly.)
  •  Places. (Places where you use or where you get your drugs or alcohol.)
  • Things. (Things that remind you of your days using.)

Charlotte Rehab | How can you avoid high-risk situations?

Stay on Guard. You can't avoid every possible high-risk situation. It's just nearly impossible. You can, however, make yourself aware of each situation that could be considered high-risk for you. Don't allow yourself to be "caught off guard."  You can prevent minor mental cravings from turning into physical ones by avoiding the situations that might put you at the highest risk of using.

Take better care of yourself. Eat a healthier lunch so you're not as hungry at the end of the day. Join a 12 step group so you don't feel isolated. Learn how to relax so you can let go of anger and resentments. Develop better sleep habits in order to stay well-rested. These are all important parts of recovery in general. They're also great ways to avoid a relapse and high-risk situations.

Avoid high-risk friends and places. Friends can often influence you in ways you never realized until you begin recovering from substance abuse. If you have friends that still drink or use drugs heavily, avoid them. Also, avoid places you used to frequent as a substance abuser. It's difficult to overcome cravings when you're right in the middle of a place you used to go to get high.

Recovery isn't about one big change. It's about lots of little changes. Avoiding those high-risk situations helps you create a new life where it's easier to not use.

According to addiction.com, it's important to "Make a list of your high-risk situations. Addiction is sneaky. Sometimes you won't see your high-risk situations until you're right in the middle of one. That's why it's important that you learn to look for them. Make a list of your high-risk situations and keep it with you. Go over the list with someone in recovery so that can spot any situations that you might have missed. Make the list and keep it with you. Some day that list may save your life." They also suggest learning to relax, without drugs, stating that "There are only a few reasons why people use drugs and alcohol. They use to escape, relax, and reward themselves. In other words, people use drugs and alcohol to relieve tension."

If you need help recovering from a relapse and are unsure where to start, please contact our Charlotte rehab. We are here to help you in any way we can. Our therapy programs and substance abuse treatments are effective and tailored to your personal needs.

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