Drug Recovery Distractions That Become a New Way of Life

Charlotte Rehab Center: Drug Recovery Distractions Are Important

In our last post, we talked about getting ready to accept a life-changing New Year’s resolution; drug addiction recovery. If you’ve made the decision to become drug free in 2014, congratulations! Below, our Charlotte rehab center has put together a few ideas that can help you stay on track and stick with your New Year’s resolution! To take a look back at our previous posts, visit here!

Charlotte Rehab Center | Thank One Person Each Month

Gratitude is a key component to recovery. The difficult road that addicts take can involve a lot of important people. Once you’ve cleared your mind and begun the new road to recovery, be sure to thank the folks that stuck by you during your most difficult times. The friends that helped you along the way, drug rehab counselors, parents, other family members. You can even start by thanking the people that you see daily; the trash pick-up guy, mailman, or pastor.

To stick with this, set a specific “Thank You Date”, so that each month, you’ll know it’s time to write a note, email, or drop by and personally thank someone that makes a difference in your life. This quick and simple gesture will be as much of an encouragement to you as it will be to them!

Start a Hobby

Hobbies are among some of the greatest distractions of all. Getting involved with something you feel passionate about is a great feeling! It becomes more than just a distraction or something to kill time with. It becomes your passion and that is so much more rewarding.

Take a class to help find your passion. Consider the following to get your started:

  • Painting
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Piano Lessons
  • Writing
  • Mountain climbing
  • Book Club
  • Woodworking

There are so many things out there, just waiting for you to discover. Addiction is a large part of life. Once you’ve made the decision to become drug free, you’ll need something to fill that void. Something meaningful and exciting.

In addition, finding a hobby can help you find new friends, make a new daily schedule, and replace old habits. Getting involved with a hobby is an excellent way to help with substance abuse recovery and ensure that your New Year’s resolution stays on track!

For additional help with your drug recovery, consider contacting Legacy Freedom, drug rehab center in Charlotte. We understand the road to addiction recovery and want to help. Contact us or visit our addiction recovery programs page for more information!

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