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Charlotte North Carolina is home to many treatment centers treating drug and alcohol dependence.  Today 23 million Americans are battling drug and alcohol addiction.  Sadly only 1 in diseasealcohol abuse10 are receiving help for this killer.

Charlotte North Carolina Treatment Centers over a wide variety of treatment options.  Depending on location, type of treatment, such as program length, Charlotte North Carolina Treatment Centers have something for you.  One in particular Legacy Freedom Rehabilitation one of Charlotte North Carolina Treatment Centers top treatment centers.  Legacy Freedom has a holistic approach to treatment.  At Legacy Freedom the belief is that all aspects of the condition needs to be treated.  The holistic approach does just that.  It treats the spiritual, physical and emotional/mental.  Using fresh and alternative approaches, such as yoga therapy, meditation, nature, trust building exercises, fire walking and nutrition counseling, branching these together with group therapy, one on one therapy as well as family therapy; makes for a well rounded treatment program.

Out of all Charlotte North Carolina Treatment Centers, Legacy Freedom offers a well balanced program for those in need; one that will take a look at the core issues at hand, while building the person suffering back up at the same time. 

If you or someone you know is struggling or in need of help don’t wait another minute.  Contact Legacy Freedom Today 877-254-5536

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