The Story Of Charlie Engle – Drug Addict Turned UltraMarathon Runner

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The Story Of Charlie Engle

This is the case for ultra-marathon runner Charlie Engle. His track record is beyond amazing. He has participated in, and won many enduring foot races all over the world. He even stared in a CBS television show. However, Charlie wasn't always so successful. While he's been sober since July 1992, his success story came after a long struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

He often states that "Drugs and alcohol had been my way out. Running would be my way through." This is a testament to the up and down hill battle that came with fighting addiction. Thankfully, he has now been sober for almost 25 years. He is also a dedicated father and husband and is continuing to challenge himself, pushing his boundaries and taking adventures every chance he gets.

His addiction struggles date all the way back to college years at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was a scholar student in Southern Pines, North Carolina at Pinecrest high school. As quarterback of the football team, class president, and scholarship receiver, he thought that college would be a breeze. Unfortunately, cocaine and alcohol got in the way of his academics. During his junior year of college, his father intervened after getting calls from Engle's fraternity brothers.

Engle eventually moved to Kansas and took his addiction even further. During one of his cocaine binges, his car ended up being shot at with multiple bullets. At that point he had a wake up call and decided to fight the addiction and enter into recovery. He has not looked back since and has never relapsed. He frequently uses alcoholic's anonymous, and to this day, he states that it was the only way through his addiction.

This story goes to show that anyone can fight addiction. Recovery is just a phone call away. Even those who are deep into using drugs or alcohol can fight substance abuse. Not everyone gets the frightening wake up call Charlie Engle did. Don't wait on yours Decide today that you're ready to get serious about beating addiction.

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