Characteristics of Pregnant Teen Substance Abuse

drug rehabilitation in Asheville NCAre you worried that your teen has a substance abuse issue? Even more, do you fear that your teen daughter is pregnant and using?

If so, it's important to educate yourself on the characteristics of pregnant teens with substance abuse problems so you can identify this within your own daughter and help them as soon as possible.

Pregnant teens, despite the harmful effects that can hurt both mother and baby, have a tendency to continue to abuse substances all throughout pregnancy. While many only use in the first trimester, there are those that do use throughout it.

Below, you'll find which substances are most commonly used:

  • Alcohol - 45.7%
  • Cocaine - 13.1%
  • Heroin - 5.8%
  • Marijuana - 72.9%
  • Methamphetamine or Amphetamines - 16.9%
  • Non-heroin Opiates - 8.9%

According to, "Differences were seen between pregnant and other female teen admissions regarding the frequency of substance use in the month prior to treatment admission. About half of pregnant teen admissions (51.0 percent) reported using drugs or alcohol in the month prior to treatment entry, which was substantially lower than that of other female teen admissions (70.9 percent). However, pregnant teens were about as likely as other teens to report daily use (19.3 vs. 24.5 percent)."

Characteristics of Pregnant Teens (

  • Pregnant teen admissions were 3 times more likely than nonpregnant female teen admissions to report receiving public assistance as a primary source of income (15.0 vs. 5.3 percent)
  • Of nonpregnant female teen admissions that were not in the labor force, 74.0 percent reported that they were students, whereas only 44.2 percent of pregnant teen admissions reported school as their reason for not being in the work force
  • More than half of pregnant teen admissions (51.0 percent) reported using drugs or alcohol in the month prior to treatment entry
  • Between 2007 and 2010, about 57,000 female teen admissions aged 12 to 19 were admitted to substance abuse treatment annually; of these, 4.0 percent (an annual average of about 2,200 admissions) were pregnant

Remember, pregnant teens with an addiction before pregnancy have trouble fighting their addiction while with child. It's important to help them ASAP. If you suspect your pregnant teen has a substance abuse issue and can't beat the addiction, contact Legacy Freedom. We offer customized drug rehabilitation in Asheville NC that fits the needs of the individual fighting addiction. Don't assume that your teen will do the right thing and quit using.

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