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Are you really ready to make the changes in your life that will be necessary to finally become sober again? Let's face it, change is hard; especially when it has to do with changing something that is familiar and comfortable to us. It's just in our nature to resist, even if it means that we are not bettering ourselves. One of the reasons we do not like change is because this means we have to deal with an unfamiliar transition, and this is scary for most everyone. Change is especially hard for addicts because addicts turn to substance abuse for a reason. An addict's substance abuse problems allows for them to have an escape route from dealing with their real world problems for a short period of time.

Addicts use their substance abuse problems as a crutch to face the world and when they finally decide to give that crutch up, it can literally feel like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. This is because addicts have given up on how to positively cope with their problems and their substance abuse is now their coping mechanism for dealing with stress.

When an addict decides that enough is enough, and a change for the better is needed, then this is a huge, brave step the person is taking. It's a really big deal that requires big changes in many aspects of the addict's life. This means making new friends, and getting rid of the old crew that put you into this predicament, making new healthy lifestyle habits; you might even have to move to a new residence, or take a new job to get sober. Recovery takes a lot of hard work, but building up the right life habits and living in the right kind of environment will lead you back to the light and out of the darkness of addiction.

To make recovery work, addicts have to embrace it. Addicts must embrace the mindset of making positive, empowering changes in their life as well as finally taking responsibility for their situation and the actions that led them to their situation. There should be no more excuses, or blaming other people. Even if an addict feel like others might have contributed to their substance abuse problems, maintaining a victim mindset will only lead them back to relapse and addiction. Addicts have to realize that they do have control over certain things and they made a choice to use drugs or drink excessively. Once this mindset is reached, recovery can move forward full steam ahead.

Addicts that choose recovery must also learn how to develop positive thinking skills. They have to relearn how to use their imagination in a healing way by projecting thoughts of a worthwhile future. Addicts have to give up on the self pity and "woe is me" attitude. They have to start thinking with a winning mindset and understand that their life does matter, it does have value, and they can achieve success with hard work and dedication. Having a winning mindset might be one of the most important aspects of your recovery journey. Without it, you will probably relapse. Know that there will be some bad days but you can overcome them. Tomorrow is always a new day with a brighter outlook.

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