A Chance to Change

Drug Rehab in Charlotte: Changing Your Life

If there's one thing our drug rehab in Charlotte understands, it's the fact that addiction gives you an opportunity to change. You can change your life, habits and your future.  Changing is what makes recovery both difficult and rewarding. Recovery is difficult. You must change every aspect of your life. Recovery is rewarding. It gives you the chance to change and be OK with that change.  Most people walk through life not knowing what they want or who they are.  Then, one day they wake up and wonder why they aren't happy.

Drug Rehab in Charlotte | A Chance to Change

If you use this chance for change, you'll look back and think of your addiction as one of the best things that ever happened to you. People in recovery often define themselves as thankful addicts. Why would someone be grateful to have an addiction? Because their addiction helped them find themselves and a tranquility that they never had before. Recovery can help you change your life.

Addictionandrecovery.com states that “After 5 years of abstinence relapse is rare. A study followed 268 Harvard University undergraduates, and 456 non-delinquent inner-city adolescents. The men were followed every two years by questionnaire, and every 5 years by physical examination. At some point during their lives, 55 (21%) of the college men and 150 (33%) of the inner-city men met the criteria for alcohol addiction.The study concluded that after 5 years of abstinence relapse is rare.”

There are few places in the world where you'll find more honesty, courage, and support than in a drug rehabilitation program or 12 step meeting. It's one of the most amazing experiences you can have. 12 step groups are not what you see on television or in the movies.

According to addictionblog.com, “12 step groups are an important resource of recovery for two reasons. First, they're effective. Millions of people have recovered through them. Second, they're free and universally available. Almost every country, every city, every cruise ship has a 12 step group. There are many other kinds of recovery supports, including doctors, therapists, addiction counselors, and treatment programs. But how they work is obvious. How 12 step groups work is not as well understood.”

Visit back with us, next post, as we go over how 12 step groups can help you overcome your addiction.

If you're ready to make a change in life and need help, consider contacting Legacy Freedom. Our drug rehab in charlotte can help you with the treatment you need to make the life changing decision to become drug or alcohol free.

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