Celebrities That Overcame Addiction Problems

drug rehab in greensboro NCAs we know at our center for alcohol and drug rehab in Greensboro NC, addiction doesn't discriminate. It will hit the least expected person and sink its teeth into them for as long as it's allowed. Many people hear about the sad stories that addiction causes. Overdose, death and other serious health complications. However, we rarely talk about the success stories.

Below, you'll find a few interesting stories from celebrities we all know and love. Whether their addiction was mild or severe, they all overcame substance abuse. They all moved on into a healthy life free of any drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

Jennifer Aniston - We all know her as the lovely Rachel Green from the beloved show Friends. Anyone who watched her sweet character then, or in any of the movies she has been in, might not believe this actress had an addiction problem. Named America's sweetheart years ago, she had a secret substance abuse problem that many never knew about until she kicked the habit in 2007. Chain smoking was a serious problem for Aniston. It not only caused physical health issues, but also created issues in her career. Thankfully, after extensive and intense detox methods, she is now tobacco and addiction free.

Slash - Known for his outrageous style and hair, Slash has been deemed one of the greatest electric guitar players in the business. Unfortunately, early on in his career with Guns n' Roses, he developed an addiction that he became known for in the music world. Thankfully, after experiencing an untimely congestive heart failure diagnosis in 2001, he was able to recover from addiction with the help of rehabilitation programs and support from his wife.

Steven Tyler - Developing a serious addiction to drugs while in high school that lasted well into his career as front-man of the successful band Aerosmith, Tyler eventually gave in to requests from bandmates to get help from rehab. He not only went to rehab but also recovered from addiction and turned his back on his former life of substance abuse.

Oprah Winfrey - While no one is sure how long her addiction lasted, Oprah has admitted to cocaine use in the 1980s. Though we don't know the extent of her addiction, one thing is certain, she overcame it and is one of the most successful TV personalities in the world.

Angelina Jolie - Known as one of Hollywood's bad girls, Jolie has a long history with substance abuse. She has even admitted to using every drug on the planet. Thankfully, as she became engaged to longtime love Brad Pitt and had six children, she decided to stop using and recover once and for all.

To learn about more success stories from celebrity addiction issues, visits back with our next blog soon.

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