More Celebrities with Mental Illness

Greensboro, NC mental health servicesWelcome back! We are here to talk more about celebrities who have dealt with, or are dealing with, mental health disorders. It's always nice to know that you are not alone. Others could be dealing with the same or similar situation. Below, you will find more celebrities that deal with mental health conditions. If you missed our previous blog post, be sure to visit back to learn about even more movie stars and comedians who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental conditions. If you're looking for Greensboro, NC mental health services this year, call Legacy!

Brooke Shields was very vocal about her struggle with postpartum depression after having her first child. She could be seen on numerous talk shows and other outlets offering her story, advice, and more. Though she struggled deeply for a while after her first child was born, she learned how to deal with her postpartum depression and when her second child was born she was better able to cope.

ADHD is something that we often consider children suffering from. However, many adults suffer from it, as well. Believe it or not, pop star Adam Levine struggles with this condition every single day of his life. He has learned to holistically treat his disorder and uses his techniques daily to take a mental break and regroup when he feels overwhelmed from ADHD.

Funnyman Jim Carrey is always making us laugh with funny faces, jokes, and impressions. However, he struggled with depression for many years. Now, he has overcome his disorder, but there were times in his life when he was worried he may never get over it.

We hope that learning about these celebrities who struggle with mental health disorders also help you cope with your disease. If you missed our previous blog post remember to check back with it for even more celebrities who struggle with anxiety, depression, and more.

Affordable Greensboro, NC Mental Health Services

Are you suffering from anxiety, sadness, or depression symptoms and signs that you can't quite explain? Are you constantly feeling lonely, unmotivated, or depressed? You might be dealing with a mental disorder. If so, it might be time to consider getting help.

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