Causes of Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Therapy in Columbus, OHWelcome back to our series on intermittent explosive disorder (IED). In our previous post, we examined the wide range of factors that contribute to the diagnosis of IED and how it affects both the life of the person with the disorder and those around them. In this post, we will further explore the causes of IED and the alternative treatment options that offer those with IED a way to cope with the underlying memories of trauma or abuse that may be driving their behaviors. If you're looking for help with stress, call Legacy Freedom. We offer holistic anxiety therapy in Columbus, OH.

Researchers believe that there are varying factors that contribute to the cause of intermittent explosive disorder. These factors include:

  • Physical - Some research indicates that that IED may occur in the brain as a result of differences in the way the serotonin in the brain is composed. Yet other researchers have noted impaired mechanisms in the part of the brain that regulates or prohibits muscular activity with serotonin and controls inhibition and arousal. The composition of the serotonin in those with IED is particularly interesting because serotonin is the neurotransmitter that sends chemical messages throughout the brain.
  • Genetics - While there has not been a particular gene linked directly to IED, it has been hypothesized by researchers that there could be a genetic component to the disorder. Traits of the disorder have been observed in parents and their offspring.
  • Environmental - Most adults who have been diagnosed with IED experienced harsh punishments as children or were raised in homes where explosive outbursts of anger were common. These children are inclined to follow the example set by their parents and aggressively respond to negative circumstances. For some of those diagnosed with IED putting those around them through the same form of physical pain that they experienced as children gives them a sense of redemption.

Intermittent explosive disorder typically emerges in childhood. The first signs and symptoms are most commonly seen around age six, however, some cases aren't seen until adolescence. IED is most common in men under the age of 40. The explosive events will occur without warning and usually last less than 30 minutes. Episodes of verbal aggression are more common and may occur in between outbursts of explosive and aggressive physical behavior.

If frequent outbursts of anger or violence are common in you or someone you love, Legacy Freedom can help. Most of the adults who struggle with IED were abused as children. New therapies are available to help overcome these painful childhood memories and learn new ways to cope with negative or stressful situations. These treatments include:

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy - EMDR has been proven to be extremely useful in the treatment of trauma. Undergoing an eight phase treatment process allows the patient to digest the memories of trauma. This allows the residual issues that remain from these experiences to be resolved and the sensation of inappropriate feelings, beliefs, and physical trauma to be removed.
  • Inner Child Therapy - Reconnecting with your wounded inner child can help you discover the root of many of your adult fears, phobias, and behaviors. Connecting with your inner child can help you heal on many levels including emotionally, physically, mentally, and even sexually. This powerful therapy gets to the core of your trauma and brings to light the beginnings of the negative patterns and behaviors in your life.

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Want to learn to control your issues and find new ways to cope? The professional staff at Legacy Freedom of Columbus can help. Utilizing alternative treatments and traditional talk therapy in Columbus, OH, our team can help you learn to acknowledge the root of your anxiety and develop new ways to cope with it. If you, or someone you love, are one of the one in seven Americans who struggle with anxiety daily, call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom today!

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