What Causes the Holiday Blues? continued.

Asheville alcohol rehab centerThe upcoming holiday season should be a time of fun, family togetherness and celebration. Unfortunatly, it's also a time of the year when many individuals battle what's commonly known as the winter (or holiday) blues. Depression and vulnerability are high during this time. It's a real condition that is actually called SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

According to symptomfind.com, SAD is "A seasonal type of depression connected to changes in the weather. With both types of these conditions, symptoms like loss of energy, sluggishness, increased appetite, irritability and unhappiness are common symptoms."

There are many reasons why we can experiences this depression. Below, you'll find several common reasons. If you missed our previous blog post, be sure to visit back with it before moving on. You'll find even more causes of the holiday blues. If you have a problem with drinking too much or drug abuse, call Legacy today and ask about our outpatient Asheville alcohol rehab center and drug treatment facility.

Holiday Blues

Limited Exposure to the Sun - Everyone knows that with cooler weather and fall comes daylight savings time. This means that days are shorter and exposure to the sun is less. Did you know that a lack of sunlight can actually be a trigger for depression and SAD? That’s right. Our body needs the chemical it produces when exposed to the sunlight. When we are in the dark longer than the light, we end up with a chemical imbalance. It causes depression and an inability to get motivated to visit with friends or family or exercise. Spending as much time as possible outside during daytime hours can help this situation.

Stress - Even those that don’t battle depression and sadness during the holidays know how stressful it can be. Endless celebrations and events, shopping, cooking, dealing with crowds of people and traffic can really cause serious stress and anxiety. Financial issues and more can cause this stress, as well. It’s easy to get caught up in the mainstream holiday spirit and forget what it’s all about. Don’t let the overwhelming hustle and bustle get the best of you this season. Take a step back, breathe and remember the reason for the season.

Impractical Expectations - Does your family tend to argue every time they’re together? Do you find yourself getting overly excited about buying the right gift for someone? These things can lead to impractical expectations. Even though you know your family has trouble getting along, you expect them to pull it together for the holidays. It’s doubtful they will in reality. You go searching for the perfect gift for your husband or sister, only to realize that they don’t find it as perfect as you do. Setting yourself up for these unrealistic expectations isn’t a great way to be proactive in the fight against depression and SAD.

Outpatient Asheville Alcohol Rehab Center | Legacy Freedom

If your son, daughter or other family member is displaying signs of alcohol abuse or drug use, it's time to get them sober again. While you might think that you are all alone in this struggle, that is the farthest thing from the truth as there are numerous families dealing with drug and alcohol abuse every day.

Regardless of how bad the substance abuse has become, help is always available at our Asheville alcohol rehab center and drug treatment facility. Contact Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers today. We are here to help them get back on track by offering alternative therapies that won't interfere with their schooling, work, or holiday schedules.

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