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Mental Health Ignorance

Did you know that a lack of awareness about mental health conditions and behaviors can delay treatment for yourself or a loved one? A study conducted by Michigan State University published in 2017 found that in general Americans lack awareness about significant mental health issues like depression and anxiety. The study involved nearly 4,600 participants,…
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Coping with the Fear of Losing Someone You Love

When you experience a sudden loss of a loved one, after the anger and the sadness have subsided, the fear sets in. The fear of losing someone you love again may wake you up at night or gnaw at the back of your mind while you try to push through your daily tasks. This is…
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What Are PTSD Triggers?

For those who live with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) every day is like walking through a minefield. While it may feel like your PTSD symptoms come out of nowhere, the reality is that most often your PTSD is triggered by something in your environment. These symptoms can be triggered by something external, like stress or…
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