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More Ways to Cope with Holiday Anxiety

Welcome back to our continuing look at holiday anxiety. From juggling a full calendar to navigating extra large crowds and missing the mark for a picture perfect celebration, there are many sources of anxiety this time of year. These anxieties can be managed with some careful planning and realistic expectations. Here are more ways to…
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Coping with Holiday Anxiety

As the holiday season approaches, many people begin to feel overwhelmed by all the parties, plans, and expectations that go along with this time of year. Many people who struggle with anxiety find themselves hiding tears in the bathroom of the shopping mall orĀ  family gathering. Others become stressed out by their chaotic schedule or…
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What Hollywood’s Sexual Assault Scandal Means for Sexual Abuse Survivors

As the list of powerful men in Hollywood who are being accused of sexual assault grows, the public's attention is being turned towards the women who have suffered sexual assaults. Powerful men like Roy Price, Harvey Weinstein, and James Toback are facing accusations that they abused more than 38 women. As more details emerge they…
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