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Stem Cell Therapy Could Be the Future of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Did you know that a stem cell can transform itself into more than 200 different types of cells in the human body? These incredible, self-renewing cells can produce more of the same type of cell through mitosis making it possible to replicate cells found in the lungs, brain, or kidneys. There are two types of…
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Fun Things to Do This Spring in the Triangle Area

Spring is here and now is the time to get outside and enjoy all the best things the Triangle has to offer. When you're newly sober, finding events and place to go where you won't struggle with cravings can be challenging. However, finding sober fun is possible. Get ready to grab a supportive family member…
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Spring Break Safety – Date Rape Drugs

Spring break is upon us, and soon college students across the country will be headed to warm destinations to blow off some steam and party with their friends. For many of these students, their trip will be filled with fond memories, embarrassing stories, a bad sunburn, and maybe a new tattoo. Some students won't be…
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