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Mental Dependence Versus Physical Dependence

When it comes to addictions not all of them are alike. They are not created equal. Some individuals are affected mentally while for many others addiction causes more physical symptoms. Some addictions can cause both psychological and physical effects. In order to properly treat the addiction and provide the best treatment you must identify which…
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Why You Should Give Up Alcohol in the New Year

It is a new year and that time when we re-think our last year. Often we are looking at how we can do things different. The new year is like a clean slate. It is a time to start new. It can also be a great time to make a alcohol free resolution. This resolution…
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Signs You Need a Booze Break

One of the things many people do when they socialize is drink. It seems that every social occasion has alcohol at the center of getting together. It is hard to find events where alcohol is not being served in some form. For many this is not an issue. However, for some it is a huge…
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