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The Future of Alcoholism Treatment Could Be Stem Cell Therapy!

In today's quick paced, fast moving world we see many impressive results from modern research. One such groundbreaking research is in the field of stem cell therapy. This therapy can be controversial, but it is continuing to unfold and is being used to treat many different conditions. To understand what this stem cell research can…
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How to Tell If Someone Is Lying to You

One important life rule all parents try to teach their children is not to lie. The problem is that as human beings we seem to never learn that lesson. In fact, according to a recent study, most Americans will tell at least 11 lies per week. A recent study found in the Journal of Basic…
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Mental Dependence Versus Physical Dependence

When it comes to addictions not all of them are alike. They are not created equal. Some individuals are affected mentally while for many others addiction causes more physical symptoms. Some addictions can cause both psychological and physical effects. In order to properly treat the addiction and provide the best treatment you must identify which…
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