Cannabis and Mental Health

Columbus Mental Health ServicesWith more and more states legalizing marijuana for recreational and medicinal use, advocates for the drug hail its use for everything from treating anxiety to beating cancer. The question among many in the mental health community is whether those with mental health conditions are using to help with symptoms or they are using as a result of their mental health condition. With more and more of the adult population in the United States being diagnosed with psychiatric health conditions, many people are seeking alternative ways to address their mental health without relying on pharmaceuticals. Searching for Columbus mental health services in 2018? Contact Legacy for help today.

Heavy cannabis use as a teen has been linked by the Royal College of Psychiatrists with the development of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression in adults. However, those who struggle with these conditions have reported that their symptoms improve when they use marijuana. While not everyone who uses marijuana heavily as a teenager will develop one of these conditions, those who are predisposed to develop these mental illnesses are at a higher risk of them developing with the use of the drug.

The research into the medicinal uses of marijuana for mental health is slim. Most of the studies that have been conducted have focused on the illicit applications of marijuana rather than the therapeutic benefits. What limited research has been done suggests that cannabis may be beneficial for those who struggle with social anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Scientists and mental health professionals, however, caution patients to avoid concluding that cannabis is a viable treatment for these conditions. There is no study on the use of the drug to treat these conditions or any studies that have traced the long term effects of using marijuana in a therapeutic capacity.

Instead, researchers have found that using alternative therapies like tai chi, EMDR, equine-assisted therapies, and yoga have had positive effects on those who struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD or other mental health conditions. At Legacy Freedom, we combine these proven therapies with traditional talk therapy to provide you a complete and holistic approach to your mental health care.

Best Columbus Mental Health Services for 2018

We have helped thousands of clients overcome their depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other psychological conditions with our proven approach to mental health care. Together with your care team, you will create a care plan that puts you, not your mental illness, at the center of your treatment. By utilizing traditional talk therapy and group therapy, you will be able to identify the root of your anxiety, depression, or PTSD and learn new ways to cope with your mental illness. Group therapy offers a chance to find the support and understanding of your peers during your treatment process.

Alternative therapies at Legacy Freedom of Columbus also include inner child work, aromatherapy, sound therapy, nutritional therapy, and physical therapy. Treating your mind, body, and spirit helps us heal you completely and gives you back the control you need in your life.

Stop letting your mental health concerns control you. Learn more about our more than ten alternative treatment methods on our blog. Call or click to connect today with our care team and begin your healing with Columbus mental health services.

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