Buncombe County Getting Serious About Opioid Epidemic

Drug Rehab in AshevilleBuncombe County is getting serious about the opioid epidemic that is sweeping the area as of late. That's great news for our facility for alcohol and drug rehab in Asheville NC. After numerous overdoses, car crashes and drug charges, the county's Board of Commissioners is working together to do something about it.

Just last month, they met to pledge funding for a program that will help cut out opioid use. The almost four hour meeting ended with a pledge to fund nearly eight hundred thousand dollars to the program. However, the funding must be approved before the program can get underway. This month commissioners will meet to approve funding and structure of the program.

It is uncertain how high the cost for this type of program could be, but it will be planned out in the meeting. Also, most commissioners believe that the funding won't be a problem. This comes after Asheville City and Buncombe County schools have created a five year plan for helping the homeless. This twenty eight million dollar funded program will help not only homeless, but also the lighting ordinance in the city.

According to mountainx.com, "In January, commissioners asked staff to research updated statistics and best practices for potential efforts to prevent opioid use. What staff came back with was a recommendation of a three-tier approach: three community paramedics, a 14-bed recovery facility for mothers and newborns, and a media blitz aimed at education and prevention."

The website also states that, "To support this approach, county business manager Jim Holland presented recent statistics stating that for January and February, there were 150 calls to county Emergency Medical Services connected to overdoses, with 20 of those resulting in fatalities. Additionally, the use of Narcan (an overdose reversal drug) is significantly on the rise, with county personnel administering the drug 44 times in 2011 and 159 times last year."

The plan for getting serious about cutting down on opioid use is one that is multi-pronged. This approach works well with any location that implements it. It is one that will hire on new paramedics to help reach drug users in addition to educating everyone on the dangers of abusing prescriptions and recreational opioids.

The county will also work with Western Carolina Rescue Mission to offer beds for those that are struggling with addiction. If you, or a loved one, suffer from addiction, call Legacy Freedom for dependable alcohol and drug rehab in Asheville NC.

Drug Rehab in AshevilleWe've previously talked about the Appalachian opioid crisis. In recent years, it has gotten worse. Heroin is considered an opioid because it is derived from the same plant as prescription medication like hydrocodone, oxycodone and more. Residents of the western North Carolina area are turning to heroin because it's more easily accessible than prescription pain medicine.

To put things into perspective, consider the following information. In 2001, there were barely 20 deaths in the Appalachian area due to heroin related issues. In 2012, there were more than 200 overdoses from heroin.

Many people have often wondered why the western North Carolina area is so troubled with opioid drug abuse. The problem mainly consists of the fact that it is a remote, poverty-stricken area that is dealing with unemployment and other issues. All of these things factor into the problem of opioid abuse.

Another question many have is how heroin, in particular, is getting to this remote area quickly and effectively. The government suspects that it's coming from Mexico and traveling into larger cities like Baltimore, Pittsboro and Chicago. Then, they're able to filter into more remote areas like Asheville NC.

Unfortunately, drug dealers are able to make more money in a much smaller, remote area like western North Carolina then they can selling the drugs in Chicago. They're coming here specifically to sell drugs and exploit this area.

Addiction to prescription opioid drugs can start easily and innocently. It could occur after a bad car wreck, surgery or even a minor athletic injury. Then, as the pain continues, patients tend to want to take more and more drugs to ease the pain. Unfortunately, a tolerance begins to build up after a short while. The amount prescribed by the doctor is no longer useful and they can't prescribe more. This is when many turn to heroin. Because it's easy to get and cheaper than prescription pills, they turn to it instead.

The CDC is working toward new guidelines that will help physicians and caregivers better understand when opioids are needed and how long they should be taken as well as in what dosage. In addition, this new program that Buncombe County is working towards can help this situation, as well. Be sure to stay tuned to this ongoing situation and news of how this program will work out. We will continue reporting as soon as we find out more information.

Does someone you know and love have a problem with heroin or another opioid drug in the area? If so, know there is help out there. Many people in the US are battling an addiction to these dangerous drugs. Unfortunately, more than 40 people die each day from a prescription opioid overdose. However, that doesn't mean that with the right help, overdose and addiction can be avoided and recovery is just a phone call away.

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