How To Break Bad Habits

drug rehab in columbusBad habits are things that will ruin your sobriety. There is no other way around it. If you have been through alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH, then you know how important breaking these bad habits can be. In this series of posts, we are going to talk about how, and why, your bad habits will haunt you if you do not make a change for the better, as well as, how to break them and replace them with positive habits.

First, let's talk about bad habits, what they are, and what forms they take.

What Is A Bad Habit?

A bad habit is medically defined as "a patterned behaviour regarded as detrimental to one’s physical or mental health, which is often linked to a lack of self-control." That being said, we all hate to admit it, but most of us have a few bad habits. Whether it be smoking, drinking, recreational drug use, or simply biting our nails, these behaviors can either harm us, our friends and loved ones, or just be plain irritating.

So How Are Habits Formed?

Based on current research, it appears that our bad habits start with something called a "habit loop." This is a psychological pattern that develops in a three-part process. The first part is that there is some sort of trigger, or cue, that signals the brain to let the behavior breakthrough. The next step is that this behavior develops into a routine. Finally, this routine starts to reward the brain each time the behavior is acted upon. This reward helps the brain to remember, thus the "habit loop" is formed.

From there, bad habits are created mostly by two other factors. These are stress and boredom. Stress and boredom issues seem to always have a way of constantly causing havoc in people's lives. Creating bad habits are how people typically deal with these issues. We also feel obligated to say that sometimes the stress or boredom in your life is actually caused by much deeper issues. We know that these issues can be tough to think about, but if you’re serious about your recovery and sobriety, you'll need to be honest with yourself and make the right changes in your life. If you need holistic alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH, please call Legacy Freedom for more information.

Habits can also be hard to break. Dr. Patricia A. Farrell, PhD, agrees. She is a clinical psychologist in Englewood, N.J. and author of "How to Be your Own Therapist". She said that "The more you do it, the more difficult it is to get rid if it, but every single bad habit can be broken."

In part two of this series, we are going to discuss ways that you can use to break your bad habits. Click here to jump to part two.

Alternative Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus, OH

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