Borderline Personality Disorder Can Co-Occur With Substance Abuse Disorder

Borderline personality disorder, also called BPD, is a serious and debilitating condition. It causes issues with one's perception of themselves, as well as their ability to create and maintain relationships throughout life.

Borderline Personality and Substance Use Disorder | Drug Rehab Charlotte NC

Borderline personality disorder causes the sufferer to be impulsive, extremely manipulative, dramatic, dependent, emotionally unstable and at high risk for drug or alcohol abuse.

Many studies show that substance use disorder, also known as SUD, send B PD are conditions that Coco occur in many individuals.

In addition to substance abuse, those who are affected with both conditions have a tendency to be at high risk for suicide attempt, as well.

Those with a borderline personality disorder could have acquired this condition because of a dysfunctional family life, hereditary aspects, neurological activity that is unstable and unpredictable, or unbalanced brain chemistry.

What is hard to pinpoint exactly what causes the borderline personality disorder, it is thought that most factors that contribute come from environmental and neurological issues.

Below, you will find symptoms and signs, as well as behaviors of both BDP and SUD.

Borderline Personality Disorder

According to, those with borderline personality disorder often express the following traits, behaviors and/or emotions:

  • Distress and impairment in one or more areas of a person’s life (often only after other people get upset about his or her behavior).
  • Behavior patterns that are not better accounted for by the effects of substance abuse, medication, or some other mental disorder or medical condition (e.g., head injury).
  • Behavior patterns that are pervasive, inflexible, and resistant to change.
  • Entrenched patterns of behavior that deviate significantly from the usual expectations of behavior of the individual’s culture.
  • Emergence of the disorder’s features no later than early adulthood (unlike depression, for example, which can begin at any age).
  • Lack of awareness that behavior patterns and personality characteristics are problematic or that they differ from those of other individuals.

Substance Use Disorder

As we mentioned above, BPD and SUD can co-occur. Below, you'll find the symptoms of SUD, according to

  • Taking more of the substance than intended.
  • Trying unsuccessfully to cut down on use, spending an increasing amount of time obtaining and using the substance.
  • Craving or having a strong desire for substance use.
  • Failing to fulfill obligations at work, school, or home.
  • Continuing substance use in spite of the problems it causes.
  • Giving up or reducing other activities because of substance use.
  • Using the substances in situations in which it may be physically dangerous to do so.
  • Using substances in spite of physical or psychological problems that may have been caused or may be made worse by substance use like heart disease or depression.
  • Displaying symptoms of tolerance, as well as a need for a larger dose of drugs.
  • Showing signs of withdrawal or a need for more drugs, as those that have been consumed have ceased within their system.

As you can see, those that have borderline personality disorder can also have substance abuse disorder. Please join us for our next blog post, as we will continue discussing this matter. We will also discuss the similarities of these two conditions, as well as treatment options for drug rehab in Charlotte NC.

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