Northeast Ohio – 8 Year Old Boy Overdoses On Heroin | Parents Arrested

Columbus OH Drug RehabShocking news out of Northeast Ohio, an 8 year old Berea boy has overdosed on heroin. His parents have also been arrested for it. Keep reading to learn more about this shocking story. Are you searching for Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment?. Please call Legacy Freedom today so that you can learn more about our outpatient treatment programs.

Couple Charged In Elementary-Aged Child's Heroin Overdose

The Middleburg Heights Patch reports that Berea parents, Charles Dowdy and Danielle Simko, both 31, were arraigned in February and held on a bond at $150,000. They were charged with child endangerment, along with three counts of drug possession.

The boy suffered an overdosed on Jan. 11, according to reports. The overdose was not fatal, but when the boy was transported to a hospital for being unresponsive, staff found a bag of heroin and prescription pills in the his sock. That's when he was urine tested for drugs. Consenquently, postives for heroin, fentanyl and Xanax showed up in the results.  These drugs are classified as opiates and benzos. These results are also what ultimately what lead to the parents being arrested.

According to court documents obtained by CNN, Simko and Dowdy "did recklessly create a substantial risk to the health or safety" of their son. Their actionas also "resulted in serious physical harm." That's why the child endangerment charges were added to the 3 counts of drug possion.

The parents have pled "not guilty" and bond was set at $150,000 while they await trail. For questions about beating your addiction problems in 2017, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom helps people, just like you, with substance abuse issues.

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