Boredom and Relapse

When you think about it, addiction and boredom aren't usually associated.  People don't usually combine boredom and addiction.  They also don't consider boredom to be a factor in continued drug use.  After all, substance abuse is a chronic disease. It doesn't' always have a connection to whether or not a person has enough to fill their days with.  

Feeling bored isn’t connected to whether a person will develop an addiction. But, keeping days full can help with those that have gone through drug rehab in Charlotte. It's so important to keep days full that it becomes a daily goal.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Charlotte NC: Boredom And Relapse

A recovering addict who has ample time on their hands, especially after leaving a rehabilitation treatment program, opens the door to vulnerability. It opens the door to cravings and thoughts that can eventually lead to a relapse. Using drugs or alcohol “just this once” comes into play. It's common to think that since they have been sober for a certain amount of time that they should be able to handle a small amount of their drug of choice.

Being bored is a dangerous. It's important to stay active when dealing with recovery. Don't let a minute of your time go unplanned. Especially during the beginning stages of recovery. Those times are vulnerable. You're fresh off drugs or alcohol and unsure of how life will be outside substance abuse.

For ways to deal with boredom during recovery so that you can avoid a relapse, be sure to visit back with our drug and alcohol treatment center in Charlotte NC, soon. We will offer tips that can help you stay on the road to recovery without worrying about triggers and relapse.

If you or someone you know is dealing with drug addiction and needs help to recover, feel free to contact our drug and alcohol treatment center for help.

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