Caring for Senior Parents with Mental Illness

Caring for a loved one is difficult, especially if they're suffering from a mental illness. As adult children, we sometimes find ourselves having to care for a senior parent with mental illness. Below, you'll find tips that can help you through this. If you're looking for Greensboro, NC mental health services for your senior parent,…
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Mental Illness in Parents

As a parent, dealing with a mental illness is very challenging. It can affect a marriage, relationships with children and more. Life with an untreated mental disorder is unstable for everyone involved. Especially the children. Sometimes, children in that situation end up being the responsible party. Adults who suffer from mental illness often have trouble…
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Sound Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is a difficult disorder that many people deal with on a daily basis. There are many forms of anxiety, and they are allĀ hard to cope with, no matter what type is being experienced. Many individuals decide to treat their anxiety with medication. Medicine can help calm the nerves and allows the sufferer to stop…
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Drug Testing Welfare Recipients in NC? Is it worth it?

In 2013, North Carolina legislators worked to approve a bill that would require drug testing and background checks for welfare applicants. This bill was passed but had many modifications before it was ready to be put in use. In 2015, the first drug test were administered for the Work First program. For the best drug…
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