Military Vets and Mental Illness

It's no secret that many military men and women struggle with mental health disorders. PTSD is one of the main conditions that is experienced among both men and women. However, in addition to those currently serving in our military, veterans are also suffering from mental health disorders. Believe it or not, one of the top reasons…
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Autoimmunity and Addiction, continued

Welcome back. We are here to talk more about autoimmune disease and how prevalent it is now in the U.S. alone. These diseases are often self-diagnosed and medicated without proper care or treatment. Unfortunately, AD can cause serious symptoms like pain and inflammation, fatigue, depression and more. Because those suffering feel like they're alone in…
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More on Young Adults and Mental Illness

Welcome back to our continued look at young adults and mental illness. In our previous post, we highlighted the signs and symptoms that friends and family should be aware of when it comes to the behaviors that can indicate a potential mental health concern. With thousands of young adults heading off to college campuses, military bases,…
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Pseudobulbar Affect

Do you or someone you know have trouble when it comes to reigning in sadness at a time where happiness should be the first reaction? Laughing uncontrollably during a moment when anger strikes or an inability to stop crying when you're happy can be a condition called Pseudobulbar Affect. Also known a PBA, this mental…
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