Don’t Be Afraid of Experiencing Life Sober

Committing to sobriety and finding recovery can be difficult and overwhelming for those who are alcoholics. The thought of living life without alcohol can be more than a little terrifying. Just the thought of facing day-to-day tasks can be hard to fathom without consuming alcohol along the way. However, there are ways to stop fearing…
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Don’t Let These Fears Keep You From Sobriety: Part Two

Life is hard enough to deal with, without the added stress of substance abuse. Sometimes, people turn to alcohol when life gets difficult. Other times, they use it to have fun a little too often, causing an accidental addiction. No matter what it is that caused alcoholism, there is a way to fight it and…
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One Overdose Death Each Day In Columbus

Columbus, OH is in the middle of a drug overdose death crisis. At an alarming rate, almost one person each day has died due to overdosing on Fentanyl this year. By early March, there were already 55 overdose deaths on record for Columbus. This post is covering an article and data brought to us by…
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Don’t Let These Fears Keep You From Sobriety

Are you struggling with alcoholism? Do you have a loved one that continually battles with trying to overcome addiction? If so, consider the fear that comes with the idea of sobriety. It can be hard to accept the change that must come with recovery. No matter how bad addiction is, who it affects, or how terribly…
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