What is the Best Medicine?

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An addiction problem is no laughing matter. It is a pretty serious disease and the road to recovery should not be taken lightly. After all, being an addict can kill you if you're not careful. That being said, you should also make sure your positive coping skills include learning how to laugh again. At Legacy Freedom, we feel laughing often should be at the top of your to-do list. If you're suffering from a substance abuse problem, then call us today. We have the perfect alcohol and drug rehab Columbus OH facility to get you sober again.

Is Laughter Important?

Yes, laughing as often as possible is very important. Look, we know that it can be hard to forgive yourself for all the things you did while high, or in search of the next high. At some point you have to stop beating yourself up. This constant self-bashing is actually a coping mechanism for dealing with shame and embarrassment. This type of behavior and negative feelings can lead to depression and self-loathing. Laughing is a great medicine for those sad feelings.

When you make the decision to get sober, you're going to do some major soul searching. Being honest with yourself about what you have become is one of the key steps to recovery. To really accept yourself, it's really important to laugh along the way. None of us are perfect. From our flaws and faults, to our quirks and personalities, each of us has something that makes us unique. Laughing about some of these characteristics will help lift your mood.

Laughter Will Lift Your Mood

Laughing is probably my favorite of nature's medicines. The act of laughing will make your brain start releasing endorphins. These are atomic sized bundles of joy and mood boosters. These are the chemicals that produce the same euphoric feelings that are created by getting high. When the drugs are not there anymore, your brain will have to recover chemically. It will take some time to organically recreate the real brain processes to replace the drug created ones. Laughter is a natural endorphin booster and you'll instantly feel better. You'll want to start laughing all the time. This mood booster will help you see the brighter side of situations.

The Brighter Side of Things

Each day will bring its own new battles that you'll have to fight. You have to make a conscious decision each day to cope with these situations with a positive mood. You have to promise yourself that you will look at the bright side of every situation. This is something that will take time because you have to rebuild your positive coping skills from the time you spent abusing your favorite substances. Just starting the day off with a smile, instead of a frown, can do wonders for setting a positive tone for the rest of your day.

Try to add a little humor to your recovery process. It is a recipe for great experiences and will allow you have a new perspective on things. Laughter will help you grow as a person and will help you meet your recovery challenges with positivity.

A Holistic Drug Rehab Columbus OH Treatment Center

Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers offers a holistic alcohol and drug rehab Columbus OH facility that can help you with your alcohol addiction or other substance abuse issues. Our programs are built to let you live life without a crutch. Our drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to work without using drugs to treat drug abuse. We have several different options for treatment available with success stories to back them up. Make that first step toward recovery. Get help today. We're ready, are you?

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