Being Diagnosed with ADHD as an Adult

adhd in raleighDid you know that adults who have ADHD but have not been diagnosed with it are more likely to struggle with depression and other mental health needs than those who have been diagnosed? For many adults who have undiagnosed ADHD, finally receiving the diagnosis can bring an end to years of symptoms and hardships caused by the illness. While the majority of diagnostic efforts are focused on children and adolescents, there are a growing number of adults finding themselves coming to terms with a new and life-altering diagnosis of ADHD in Raleigh.

Finally having a diagnosis brings a sense of relief for many adults. One recently diagnosed woman shared that for her entire life her mind has been filled with a jumble of thoughts and ideas that she was unable to organize. She struggled and was frustrated by traditional learning because her brain was unable to process simply written text and make the information make sense. Her self-esteem plummeted and she became depressed.

Undiagnosed ADHD can be debilitating and create severe mental health issues that need to be addressed. Research has shown that early intervention is crucial for those with ADHD. Many adults who didn't receive their diagnosis until adulthood recall instances in their childhood where they were disciplined for common behaviors associated with ADHD. As more information about the condition comes to light, more adults are finally able to put a name to the symptoms they have lived with their entire lives.

In the United States, it is estimated that 4.4% of the adult population has ADHD. However, researchers expect that the rate may be much higher due to the number of adults that remain undiagnosed. ADHD symptoms include impulsiveness, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness. If you are struggling with these symptoms, or you know someone who is, Legacy Freedom can help.

Thousands of clients have found a way to cope with and overcome their anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and ADHD through our holistic treatment methods. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods, our care team can create a plan of care that puts you and your needs at the center of our focus. We don't believe in treating just the mental illness. We believe in treating the whole person. Clients have access to a variety of therapists in our comprehensive outpatient therapy setting.

ADHD in Raleigh

Asking for the help you need can be difficult. Our care team is ready to connect you with the confidential and compassionate mental health care you need. Call or click to get started with Legacy Freedom today. Don't spend another moment struggling with your mental health. Begin your healing journey today!



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